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I’m going to relate this video to Bigfoot since the imagery in the famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film is seen by many as a prehistoric human, and if you go back far enough, prehistoric hominids more closely resembled chimpanzees.

To illustrate, I wanted to morph a human with a chimp to show realistically what a cross between the two would look like. I had this digital sculpture of CNN host Brian Stelter from another project so i decided to morph Stelter into a chimp… but Stelter was smiling or bearing his teeth so i had to make a chimp bearing its teeth to morph to.

What is curious about Stelter in the first place is that in the photos I’ve seen of Stelter it appears that he was executing a facial expression that approximated a smile but wasn’t how humans conventionally express happiness. He always seems to be bearing his teeth rather than smiling,
which brings us to a chimpanzee’s fear grimace vs smile. If they’re threatened they put their teeth together, lips opened wide displaying their upper and lower teeth, and pupils become very small. That fear grimace looks like a human smile. Conversely, human smiles can be seen as threatening to chimps. Chimps smile by covering their upper teeth with their mouth and just show lower teeth.
So the apparent smile simulation Stelter is exhibiting may seem non-conventional to humans but Stelter’s commonality to all humans is that his upper and lower teeth bearing could be considered threatening to chimpanzees.

Neither chimpanzee nor the half chimpanzee look like the creature seen in the Patterson-Gimlin film. The P/G creature has a more of caveman look but it would be interesting to morph a human and a gorilla to see what that would look like.

So, when you look at the creature in the Patterson/Gimlin film, you see something looking like a caveman, or if breasts are any indication, a cave woman. You see a nose that’s kind of bulbous and projects forward. But, if you look at this morph between a chimp and a human, in this case Stelter, the one feature that is the most different is the nose. Sure, the chimps ears are bigger, head is smaller, longer canine teeth, more wrinkles, etc.. but the chimp’s nose is radically different, kind of like a deflated human nose or a human nose turned in on itself. Plus, there are Star Trek Ferengi-like ridges on the upper part of chimp’s noses, not to mention the vertical split in the center of the chimp nose. And those major nose differences don’t smooth out until the morph is almost 100% towards the human side. What these morphs drive home is that the nose is one of the biggest visual factors in looking human. In fact, if i were to pick one human feature to replace on the chimp to make them look more human it would be the nose.
The nose you see in the Patterson/Gimlin film has human traits, nothing structurally related to anything as old as Australopithicus, if indeed Australopithicus were visually similar to bonobos chimpanzees, as some scientists suggest.

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