Lee Haney
Lee Haney

Lee Haney Rare Photos

Lee Haney: “I heard plenty of doubts expressed in the media after the Olympia win in Chicago. People questioned whether I deserved to win the title- and that really upset me. I’m either a popular […]

Lee Haney

Bob Paris Rare Photos

I had been in California for about six months and was working and training at a gym that attracted competitive bodybuilders. During a conversation I told one of the guys that I would be a […]

Urs vs Arnold
Lee Haney

Urs Kalecinski vs Arnold:Calves

When viewed from the front, Urs Kalecinski’s lower legs closely resemble the calves of a comic book superhero, marked by their diamond-shaped form, highlighted by his diminutive joints. This configuration magnifies the impressive size of […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger 1971
Lee Haney

1971 Mr. Olympia in Color

On September 24th, at 2 PM, the pre-judging session began—a stark contrast to the upcoming lively grand event. This preliminary evaluation bore weight, especially for Sergio Oliva and Roy Callender. Regrettably, they faced disqualification due […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Nautilus
Lee Haney

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nautilus

Transcript Casey Viator, Mike Mentzer, Ray Mentzer, and Boyer Coe are the bodybuilders most people associate with Arthur Jones and Nautilus but, in the early 1970s, Bodybuilders such as John Grimek, Milo Steinborn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, […]

Frank Zane at 300
Lee Haney

Frank Zane 300 Pound Morph

Transcript What would Frank Zane look like at if he were somehow able to weigh up to 300 pounds while still maintaining the aesthetics and proportions he was known for? Big Ramy’s contest weight has […]

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