Bodybuilder Mugshots
Arnold Schwarzenegger

DALL E Mini Fake Bodybuilder Mugshots

More DallE Mini experiments… At the present time, the more well known the name, the more accurate the AI results will be. That’s why we’re inputting “Arnold Schwarzenegger”‘ and “Lou Ferrigno” more than others. Currently, […]

Lee Haney

Cannibalistic Pig Farmer Lou Ferrigno

With an August 2022 production start date in Syracuse N.Y., Lou Ferrigno is set to star in his first murderous, cannibalistic pig farmer role ever in Italian director Salvatore Sclafani鈥檚 “The Hermit”. This also marks […]

ed guiliani
Lee Haney

Ed Giuliani 1935-2022

Gallery Contest History 1951 Mr New York Metropolitan – AAU, Junior, 8th 1953 Mr New York Metropolitan – AAU, Junior, 2nd 1958 Mr New York City – AAU, Short, 2ndMr New York Metropolitan – AAU, […]

Lee Haney

Body Positivity Movement

Body positivity is a social movement focused on the acceptance of all bodies, regardless of size, shape, skin tone, gender, and physical abilities, while challenging present-day beauty standards as an undesirable social construct. Proponents focus […]

Lee Haney

Cedric McMillan 1977-2022

Contest History 2007 South Carolina State – NPC, Overall WinnerSouth Carolina State – NPC, Super-HeavyWeight, 1st 2008 Junior USA – NPC, Overall WinnerJunior USA – NPC, Super-HeavyWeight, 1st 2009 Nationals – NPC, Overall WinnerNationals – […]

Lee Haney

Man vs Goat

Does the video below demonstrate a test of skull strength, neck strength, leg strength, all three, or something else? It’s more of a pushing contest than actual head butting. Even with head to head pushing, […]