Ed Connors

The Three Muscleteers Notes: Part 1

Ed Connors’ The Three Muscleteers was one of my must-purchase Kindle books this year. It’s available as a physical copy as well, just not in hardback as this article’s accompanying illustration depicts. These are notes […]

crazy fist
Kai Greene

Crazy Fist Featuring Kai Greene

Kai Greene is featured in 2021’s Crazy Fist about “a mixed martial arts champion who is forced out of retirement for one last fight in order to unravel a major conspiracy.” The trailer above shows […]

Bodybuilder Mugshots
Arnold Schwarzenegger

DALL E Mini Fake Bodybuilder Mugshots

More DallE Mini experiments… At the present time, the more well known the name, the more accurate the AI results will be. That’s why we’re inputting “Arnold Schwarzenegger”‘ and “Lou Ferrigno” more than others. Currently, […]