Brian Stelter-Chimp Morph

I’m going to relate this video to Bigfoot since the imagery in the famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film is seen by many as a prehistoric human, and if you go back far enough, prehistoric hominids more […]

Bili Ape

Bili Apes: Giant Chimps?

Transcript There hasn’t been a ton of great information about the Bili ape because the research is being done in the Democratic Republic of Congo where they have a lot of civil wars, poachers around […]

geronimo wqarren

Elizabeth Warren/Geronimo Morph Video

Transcript Elizabeth Warren is a US senator from Massachusetts who is primarily known by many for claiming privileged American Indian and/or native american minority ethnicity status for possible career advancement. However, her DNA test concluded […]

Lee Haney

Sculpting Bodybuilder Dave Palumbo in ZBrush

Video covers sculptor’s psychological preconceptions of sculpture subject’s likeness which can slow down three-dimension recreations due to an inaccuracy-unwinding process throughout the sculpting process. Video below discusses the 50 foot San Diego Harbor Dave Palumbo […]