Lee Haney

Best Glutes in the World

It looks like women got smart and started isolating the glutes more instead of over-incorporating the quads and ending up thigh-dominant. Keep scrolling down for a video on glute isolation without doing thigh exercises like […]

Lee Haney

Jusup Wilcosz Dies at 71

Liebe Freunde, heute schreiben euch Barbara, Jusup’s Schwester, und Arlette & Jochen, gute Freunde von Jusup. Wir betreuen gemeinsam Jusup’s Facebook Seite.Mit großer Trauer müssen wir euch mitteilen, dass Jusup heute von uns gegangen ist. […]

Lee Haney

Dorian Yates Seminar

Partial Transcipt Dorian Yates: ….the total amount of weight training I did for the Mr. Olympia to win those contests was less than four hours a week, which was shocking to most people. So, let […]

Essex fight
Lee Haney

Gym Brawl in Essex Video

One of the perks of training at Ab Salute Gym in Brentwood is the occasional “isolated incident”, this one involving a pole whack to the back. It is hard to imagine such violence could break […]

Lee Haney

Terminator Hates You

Social engineers are clashing with red-pilled audiences. Information accessible on the internet has heightened human awareness to such a degree that a large swath of the population has woken up to the smothering extent that […]