Golds homeless
Lee Haney

Take Pride In Your Home Gym.

As corporate gyms are locked down, closing down, and becoming homeless camps, who can argue that home gyms aren’t more important than ever? Save on gas, time, and membership fees. Apply your would-be membership fees […]

Lee Haney

Best Glutes in the World

It looks like women got smart and started isolating the glutes more instead of over-incorporating the quads and ending up thigh-dominant. Keep scrolling down for a video on glute isolation without doing thigh exercises like […]

Lee Haney

Jusup Wilcosz Dies at 71

Liebe Freunde, heute schreiben euch Barbara, Jusup’s Schwester, und Arlette & Jochen, gute Freunde von Jusup. Wir betreuen gemeinsam Jusup’s Facebook Seite.Mit großer Trauer müssen wir euch mitteilen, dass Jusup heute von uns gegangen ist. […]

Lee Haney

Dorian Yates Seminar

Partial Transcipt Dorian Yates: ….the total amount of weight training I did for the Mr. Olympia to win those contests was less than four hours a week, which was shocking to most people. So, let […]

Essex fight
Lee Haney

Gym Brawl in Essex Video

One of the perks of training at Ab Salute Gym in Brentwood is the occasional “isolated incident”, this one involving a pole whack to the back. It is hard to imagine such violence could break […]

Lee Haney

Terminator Hates You

Social engineers are clashing with red-pilled audiences. Information accessible on the internet has heightened human awareness to such a degree that a large swath of the population has woken up to the smothering extent that […]