Markus Ruhl

Markus Ruhl Launches Supplement Line

Markus Ruhl Supplements: Markus Ruhl caricature artist: Unlike many other nutritional supplements, our products are not mass-produced, long-in-stock, but are prepared fresh daily with our strong production partner. Thus, our production is always […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bigger Movie Trailer

Bigger is clearly a period piece with a decent budget. Time will tell whether the movie portrays Arnold Schwarzenegger as a mindless, gapped-tooth dolt, as much as it appears to in the trailer. It also […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Bigger” Movie Poster

Will non-bodybuilding fans even be aware of the biceps peak difference-chasm between Calum Von Moger and Arnold Schwarzenegger? Our animated gif dramatizes the contrast as the actual poster and the altered, more Arnoldish biceps alternate. […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Rare Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview

Partial Transcript: Earlier in this hour we showed you the almost indignant reactions some people have to the super developed physiques of the bodybuilders. Michelangelo’s David used to be the classic model of male perfection […]