Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Sloppy Tans

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The Tanning Tales of Bodybuilding: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Time Traveling Contest

Have you ever stumbled upon those puzzling “time traveler” photos online? One particularly intriguing instance is the 1964 Mr. Austria contest, where a young Arnold Schwarzenegger made his mark. Our new video, “Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Tacky Tan Time Travelers,” explores this unique contrast.

In the video, we feature two contestants from the 1964 Mr. Austria contest who are noticeably over-tanned with what we’d today call “sloppy, bottled-tan” looks. While they might seem out of place for that era, they wouldn’t look too out of sync with today’s more extreme tanning trends. So, how did iconic bodybuilders like Arnold, Dave Draper, and Ken Waller achieve success without today’s exaggerated tanning rituals?

During the ’60s and ’70s, bodybuilders typically relied on natural tans, occasional sunbathing, or even a touch of iodine to highlight their muscular definition. Steve Reeves had a natural glow, but nothing like today’s ultra-dark tans that can be ten times darker than natural skin tones.

As you watch the video, you’ll see more photos from the 1964 Mr. Austria contest. One contestant, though horribly over-tanned, stands to Arnold’s left. But the contestant at the end of the video takes the cakeā€”he looks like he’s been caught in a muddy splash from a passing car!

Join us on this entertaining journey through bodybuilding history as we explore the evolution of tanning trends. Don’t miss out on this fun and insightful look back at the golden era of bodybuilding!

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