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The Height Factor in Bodybuilding: Arnold, Sergio, and Franco’s Dynamics

Delving into the intriguing world of bodybuilding history, this video examines the influence of height on the placements of iconic bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, and Franco Columbu in the 1972 Mr. Olympia competition.

Arnold vs. Sergio: Height Dynamics

Many bodybuilding enthusiasts have debated whether the rankings of Arnold and Sergio could have been reversed in 1972, even considering Sergio’s actual height. But what if both were of similar stature? Could Sergio’s six-foot-one frame have tipped the scales in his favor, making a second-place ranking for Arnold a more popular decision?

The Imagined Height Swap

Imagine Sergio being taller than Arnold by a margin similar to Arnold’s height advantage over Sergio. Would the tables have turned? In this color version(see video) taken moments apart, Arnold adjusts his posture to appear less hunched over. Interestingly, an overly-relaxed front pose didn’t do Arnold any favors. While we’re not suggesting Arnold should have mirrored Kalecinski’s pose(see video), a taller Sergio certainly looks more formidable.

Franco Columbu’s Unique Structure

Standing out in the lineup, Franco Columbu’s unique structural characteristics are evident. His head appears disproportionately taller than his upper body, while his lower body seems shorter in comparison. A taller version of Franco would accentuate these qualities. However, while a taller Franco might seem more imposing, he might lack the aesthetic appeal he had at his actual height.

Height and Aesthetic Scrutiny

All these considerations underscore the automatic contextualization of height in bodybuilding. Structural differences become more or less noticeable depending on relative heights.

Today’s Hypothetical Match-up

Who would emerge victorious if all five competitors were of comparable heights in today’s ‘open’ Mr. Olympia division? Given the division’s standards, the nod would likely go to Franco.

In conclusion, height plays a crucial role in bodybuilding aesthetics and perceptions. This exploration offers a fresh perspective on how height can influence judgments and placements in bodybuilding competitions.

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