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Fixing Synthol Guy

March 23, 2018 0

To balance out the rest of Synthol Guy’s body to match his arms, he’d have to look like the after portion of the animated gif below. Not only would his forearms have to keep up […]

Bodybuilding Gifs

March 23, 2018 0

Check, from time to time, on old articles, as we will be adding animated gifs to both new and old articles.

Jason Blaha Breaking on Breitbart

March 21, 2018 0

Giant political site Breitbart features an image of Jason Blaha accompanying an article relating to a Youtube censorship purge of gun-demo Youtube channels. The article is short and doesn’t mention Blaha but Blaha has an […]

Gorilla Anatomy For Artists

March 20, 2018 0

A number of artists stop by here on occasion to refer to anatomy for various projects. Without expert gorilla-anatomy artists, we wouldn’t have such great gorilla representations in movies like Planet of the Apes, Skull […]

Arnold Classic Australia 2018 Results

March 16, 2018 0

Arnold Classic Australia 2018 Men’s Bodybuilding Results 2018 Arnold Australia – Men’s Bodybuilding Results 1. Roelly Winklaar 2. William Bonac 3. Dexter Jackson 4. Lukas Osladil 5. Hidetada Yamagishi 6. Luke Sandoe 7. Steve Orton […]

Gunnar Rosbo Terminator Gifs

March 16, 2018 0

Stay tuned for one more. Gunnar Rosbo’s star is still rising decades after he retired. Will Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role as the Terminator be digitally replaced by Gunnar Rosbo? Gunnar Rosbo Gallery Gunnar Rosbo: The Terminator […]

Dr. Mike Mew: What Makes A Face Attractive

March 16, 2018 0

Dr. Mike Mew seems to be saying, in his various videos, that keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and engaging in vigorous gum chewing, can alter your facial bone structure for the […]

Trish Stratus Gallery

March 15, 2018 0

Patricia Anne Stratigeas(Trish Stratus) grew up in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada where she attended Bayview Secondary School. She enrolled at York University, where she studied biology and kinesiology and played soccer and field hockey. Due […]

Wesley Vissers Interview

March 15, 2018 0

It’s funny to hear Dave Palumbo speak of regular bodybuilding, with the warped bone structures and swollen drug tissue, being the standard and the “Classic Physique” being a new off-branch. In the bodybuilding contest world, […]

Monica Brant Dinosaur Gifs

March 14, 2018 0

Monica Brant Early History She was born in Fort Hood, Texas and raised on a 20-acre (81,000 m2) ranch in a small town outside of San Antonio called Castroville. Her mother is a professional horse […]

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