Free Hug Sofa

Free Hug Sofa

Jurassic Gorilla Bodybuilders that spend more time training than dating can find comfort in the new Free Hug Sofa. According to the A’Design Award and Competition Press Release: LEE eun kyoung, the designer of […]

He Man Barbie
Vegan Gains

Is HE-Man worse than Barbie?

Jurassic Gorilla Vegan Gains weighs in on the relentless media coverage of how Barbie dolls cause unrealistic body expectations in women but there is hardly ever mention of the potential body image issues muscular media-generated male characters appearing […]

Breathing Squat

Breathing Squats

Jurassic Gorilla Breathing squats were touted in some bodybuilding magazines of the 1960s and 1970s, mainly Ironman, as a little known, seldom tried exercise which could, however it worked, help you pack a lot of […]