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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives the Wrong “Advices”

The interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger in South Africa, as featured in the documentary “Pumping Iron,” sheds light on the competitive and sometimes humorous tactics he employed to gain an edge in the world of professional bodybuilding. This memorable scene not only reveals Arnold’s strategic mindset but also his mischievous sense of humor.

One of the key elements that Arnold discusses in the interview is his use of psychological games to gain a competitive advantage over his fellow bodybuilders. Arnold, a master of mental warfare, understood that confidence and psychology played a crucial role in bodybuilding competitions. He aimed to disrupt his competitors’ focus and self-assuredness, leaving them off balance and less composed on stage.

In one instance, Arnold narrates a practical joke he played on a competitor who had an exceedingly high opinion of himself. This bodybuilder, brimming with self-confidence, approached Arnold for advice on improving his posing to better display his impressive physique. Arnold saw an opportunity to deflate the competitor’s overconfidence and, in doing so, impart a valuable lesson.

Arnold’s advice, though tongue-in-cheek, was to yell while posing and to vary the pitch of his voice based on body positioning. This suggestion, although absurd and entirely unorthodox in the world of bodybuilding, was meant to disrupt the competitor’s concentration and create a humorous spectacle on stage.

The ultimate twist in the practical joke was Arnold’s willingness to help the bodybuilder oil up for the competition. Instead of using appropriate posing oil, Arnold used motor oil, an entirely inappropriate and comical choice. The result was as expected: the unsuspecting bodybuilder, following Arnold’s advice, yelled and varied his pitch while posing, only to be greeted by laughter and amusement from the audience. This episode left the bodybuilder looking foolish and served as a valuable lesson about the importance of humility and not taking oneself too seriously.

Arnold’s approach to bodybuilding wasn’t limited to just building a superior physique; it extended to outwitting and outplaying his competitors in every way possible. While some might view these tactics as unconventional or even unsportsmanlike, they were all part of the mental game that accompanied the physical aspects of competitive bodybuilding.

In retrospect, this scene from “Pumping Iron” not only highlights Arnold Schwarzenegger’s competitive spirit and strategic thinking but also showcases his sense of humor and penchant for practical jokes. It provides a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of the bodybuilding world and the lengths to which athletes would go to secure a competitive edge, be it through physical conditioning or psychological tactics.

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