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Juliette Bergmann: The Dutch Bodybuilding Champion

Juliette Bergmann, born Juliette Maria Suzanna Bergmann on November 30, 1958, is a renowned Dutch female bodybuilding champion whose remarkable journey through the world of bodybuilding has left an indelible mark on the sport. From her early years and education to her illustrious career as a professional bodybuilder, Bergmann’s story is a testament to dedication, resilience, and passion.

Early Years and Education

Juliette Bergmann’s roots trace back to Vlaardingen, Netherlands, where she was born to a Dutch mother and an Indonesian father. She grew up in a family of five children, with one older brother and two younger brothers and a sister. Tragedy struck her family when she lost two of her brothers during her childhood, which placed a significant burden on her as the eldest surviving child. The responsibilities she shouldered during that challenging period helped shape her into a disciplined and responsible individual.

After completing her schooling, Bergmann embarked on a journey of education and self-improvement. She pursued studies in financial management, journalism, and fitness training. In 1975, she entered into marriage, adopting the name Meijer, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1985.

Bodybuilding Career

Amateur Career

Juliette Bergmann’s journey into the world of bodybuilding began in 1981 when she decided to undertake bodybuilding as a means to lose weight. This decision was influenced by her attendance at a female bodybuilding competition where she was captivated by the remarkable competitors. Her determination to transform her physique led her to embark on a training regimen alongside her ex-husband.

In 1982, she entered her first bodybuilding competition and secured a first-place finish. The following year, her conviction to become a professional bodybuilder was solidified when she attended another bodybuilding contest. Witnessing the outstanding physiques of the female athletes on that day, Bergmann decided to pursue bodybuilding as a career.

Professional Career (1984-2000)

Juliette Bergmann’s remarkable ascent in the world of bodybuilding began in 1984 when she clinched the Dutch National Championship. She continued to dominate in 1985, retaining her title as champion. Her success led her to the World Amateur Championship, where she secured the first-place title.

Later in 1985, she entered her first Ms. Olympia competition, an event considered the pinnacle of female bodybuilding. However, her debut in the prestigious competition resulted in a 14th-place finish. Undeterred, Bergmann’s dedication bore fruit in 1986, marked by a victory in the Pro World Championship. She also achieved a remarkable second place in the Ms. International, losing by a mere one-point margin, and a commendable sixth place in the Ms. Olympia.

Her 1988 journey to the World Pro Championships took an unfortunate turn when, just an hour before the competition, she was disqualified for testing positive in a drug test. This setback was a defining moment in her career, prompting her to reevaluate her path.

In 1989, her plans to take a year off from competition and return in 1991 were derailed when she suffered a severe ankle injury due to a dog attack. Recovery and a return to serious training took several years.

Juliette Bergmann’s career took an exciting turn in 1991 when she transitioned to become a pro-judge and held the position of secretary/treasurer of the NBBF (Dutch Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation).

Professional Career (2001-2003)

In 2001, after a remarkable 12-year hiatus from competition, Juliette Bergmann made a triumphant return. Her dedication and resilience culminated in a significant achievement when she entered the Ms. Olympia contest, securing first place in the lightweight class. What set her victory apart was her exceptional performance, defeating the heavyweight class winner, Iris Kyle, to claim the overall title. This marked a historic moment in Ms. Olympia history as the first time a lightweight class winner also secured the overall title.

Bergmann continued her success, repeating as the Ms. Olympia lightweight class winner in 2002 and 2003. On both occasions, she narrowly missed the overall title, with Lenda Murray emerging as the victor.

Retirement and Legacy

Following the 2003 Ms. Olympia, Juliette Bergmann decided to retire from competitive bodybuilding, concluding a remarkable career filled with accomplishments. Her legacy endures, cementing her status as one of the most successful Dutch bodybuilders worldwide. Notably, she is the only Dutch bodybuilder to claim the Ms. Olympia title.

Bergmann’s legacy extends beyond her competition victories. From October 26, 2001, to February 28, 2003, she ranked first on the IFBB Women’s Bodybuilding Professional Ranking List. Her body measurements, resembling the “Grecian Ideal” with similar biceps, calf, and neck measurements, have been a point of admiration.

In January 2009, she received the honor of induction into the IFBB Hall of Fame. Following this, Bergmann assumed significant roles within the IFBB, serving as the president of the IFBB in the Netherlands (Dutch Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation), director of IFBB Thailand, a member of the I.F.B.B

Juliette Bergmann Bodybuilding Contest History

Gold Cup – NBBF, LightWeight, 2nd
Grand Prix Holland – NBBF, LightWeight, 3rd
Holland Iron Maiden – NBBF, LightWeight, 2nd
Holland Nationals, LightWeight, 3rd

Grand Prix Holland – NBBF, LightWeight, 1st
Holland Nationals, LightWeight, 2nd

European Amateur Championships – IFBB, LightWeight, 1st
Grand Prix Holland – NBBF, LightWeight, 1st
Olympia – IFBB, 14th
World Amateur Championships – IFBB, LightWeight, 1st

Gran Prix Los Angeles – IFBB, 2nd
Ms International – IFBB, 2nd
Los Angeles Pro Championships – IFBB, 2nd
Olympia – IFBB, 6th
World Pro Championships – IFBB, Winner

Olympia – IFBB, 9th
World Pro Championships – IFBB, 7th

Olympia – IFBB, 13th

World Pro Championships – IFBB, 15th

Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, 1st
Olympia – IFBB, Overall Winner

Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, 1st

Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, 1st

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