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Franco Columbu: “Go To California”

In the documentary film “Pumping Iron,” which provides an inside look at the world of professional bodybuilding in the 1970s, one of the memorable and humorous moments features Franco Columbu’s perspective on his move from Sardinia to California. Franco’s description of how people from Sardinia viewed California as a mythical and almost unreal place offers an entertaining glimpse into the cultural differences he encountered as he embarked on his journey to the land of opportunity.

Franco Columbu’s humorous anecdote is a reflection of the global perception of California during that era. California, especially cities like Los Angeles and Hollywood, had been glamorized and mythologized in various forms of media, from movies to television shows. The state was often depicted as a place of sunshine, fame, wealth, and opportunity. It was the land where dreams came true, and it captured the imagination of people worldwide.

In Sardinia, the idea of California had taken on a legendary status. Instead of telling someone to “Go to Hell,” people from Sardinia would jokingly say, “Go to California.” This play on words demonstrates the notion that California was seen as a far-off, almost mythical place that seemed too good to be true. People may have associated it with a land of endless possibilities and unimaginable success.

Franco Columbu’s move to California must have felt like a leap into the unknown. He was leaving behind his familiar surroundings in Sardinia to pursue his dreams in this legendary land. The contrast between the mythical California he had heard about and the reality he encountered upon his arrival must have been both surprising and amusing.

This humorous moment in “Pumping Iron” serves as a cultural and anecdotal window into the fascination and allure that California held for people around the world during that time. Franco Columbu’s personal experience of moving to this legendary land adds a unique and lighthearted dimension to the documentary, highlighting the stark contrast between the perception of California as a mythical place and the realities he faced as he pursued his career in bodybuilding.

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