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Clarence Bass Bodybuilding Competition History


Masters Mr America – AAU, Short, 1st


Masters Mr USA – AAU, Short, 1st


Masters Mr America – AAU, MiddleWeight, 2nd


Clarence Bass Bibliography

(1980) Ripped: The Sensible Way to Achieve Ultimate Muscularity
(1982) Ripped 2.
(1984) The Lean Advantage
(1986) Ripped 3: The Recipes, The Routines and The Reasons
(1989) The Lean Advantage 2: The Second Four Years
(1992) Lean For Life: Stay Motivated and Lean Forever
(1994) The Lean Advantage 3: Four More Years
(1999) Challenge Yourself: Leanness, Fitness & Health At Any Age
(2007) Great Expectations: Health, Fitness, Leanness Without Suffering
(2013) Take Charge: Fitness at the Edge of Science

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