Bodybuilder Actor Brad Harris Dies at 84


Brad Harris (2004)
Born July 16, 1933
St. Anthony, Idaho, U.S.
Died November 7, 2017 (aged 84)
Occupation Film actor, stuntman, executive producer

Brad Harris, the versatile actor and stuntman, carved out a remarkable career primarily within the realm of Italian cinema. His journey in the film industry showcased his adaptability, taking on diverse roles across different genres, from Sword and Sandal epics to espionage thrillers and spaghetti westerns.

Harris began his cinematic odyssey in the realm of Sword and Sandal films, a popular genre in the mid-20th century that brought epic historical and mythological tales to the big screen. These larger-than-life productions often featured Herculean heroes and mythical creatures, providing Harris with an early platform to exhibit his physical prowess and acting skills.

The actor’s filmography evolved as he transitioned into spy movies, where he engaged in high-stakes espionage, thrilling action sequences, and international intrigue. This shift in his career demonstrated his ability to adapt to different roles and genres, showcasing his versatility as a performer.

Harris also ventured into the realm of spaghetti westerns, a subgenre of Western films with Italian origins. These movies often featured morally complex characters and rugged landscapes, and Harris’s involvement in this genre further expanded his repertoire as an actor.

One of the notable milestones in Brad Harris’s career occurred in 1983 when he co-starred alongside another bodybuilding icon, Lou Ferrigno, in an Italian production of “Hercules.” This film marked a significant collaboration between two renowned figures in the world of muscle and cinema.

While Harris may not have graced the pages of bodybuilding magazines as frequently as some of his peers, he still managed to garner recognition within the industry. Musclemag International, under the patronage of publisher Robert Kennedy, showcased Harris’s presence, affirming his status as a figure of interest to the bodybuilding community.

Harris’s cinematic journey was not confined to acting alone; he was equally proficient as a stuntman, adding a layer of authenticity and excitement to the action sequences in his films. His willingness to undertake physically demanding stunts showcased his commitment to delivering thrilling performances on screen.

Beyond his work in front of the camera, Brad Harris ventured into the realms of writing and producing, contributing his creative vision to various projects. This multifaceted approach to filmmaking demonstrated his passion for the craft and his desire to be involved in all aspects of the industry.

Brad Harris’s legacy endures through his contributions to Italian cinema, and his collaborations with icons like Lou Ferrigno left an indelible mark on the world of film. His career, marked by versatility, dedication, and a passion for storytelling, serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and stunt performers.

To explore Brad Harris’s remarkable career and cinematic contributions further, you can refer to his gallery and filmography, which offer a comprehensive glimpse into his diverse body of work.

Selected filmography

The McConnell Story (1955) – Pilot (uncredited)
Monkey on My Back (1957) – Spike McAvoy
Speed Crazy (1959) – Bit Part (uncredited)
Li’l Abner (1959) – Muscleman Luke (uncredited)
Tall Story (1960) – Student by Fire (uncredited)
13 Fighting Men (1960) – Pvt. Fowler
Ocean’s 11 (1960) – Minor Role (uncredited)
Spartacus (1960) – Gladiator / Soldier (uncredited)
Goliath Against the Giants (1961) – Goliath
Samson (1961) – Samson
The Fury Of Hercules (1962) – Hercules
The Hot Port of Hong Kong (1962) – Polizeiinspektor McLean
It Happened in Athens (1962) – Garrett (uncredited)
79 A.D. (1962) – Marcus Tiberius
The Old Testament (1962) – Simone
The Black Panther of Ratana (1963) – Larry Finch
The Pirates of the Mississippi (1963) – Tom Cook
Mission to Hell (1964) – Joe Warren
Mystery of the Red Jungle (1964) – Larry McLean
The Secret of the Chinese Carnation (1964) – Donald Ramsey
Massacre at Marble City (1964) – Phil Stone
Black Eagle of Santa Fe (1965) – Cliff McPherson
Our Man in Jamaica (1965) – Captain Mike Jefferson
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill (1966) – Capt. Tom Rowland
Kommissar X – Drei gelbe Katzen (aka Death is Nimble, Death is Quick) (1966) – Capt. Tom Rowland
Kommissar X – In den Klauen des goldenen Drachen (aka So Darling So Deadly) (1966) – Capt. Tom Rowland
The Three Fantastic Supermen (1967) – Brad McCallum
The Ten Million Dollar Grab (1967) – Robert Colman
Kommissar X – Drei grüne Hunde (aka Death Trip) (1967) – Capt. Tom Rowland
Spy Today, Die Tomorrow (1967) – Cliff
Un hombre vino a matar (1967) – Sheriff Bill Manners
Kommissar X – Drei blaue Panther (1968) – Capt. Tom Rowland
Cin cin… cianuro (1968) – George
King of Kong Island (1968) – Burt Dawson
Kommissar X – Drei goldene Schlangen (1969) – Capt. Tom Rowland
Poppea’s Hot Nights (1969) – Claudio Valerio
Patton (1970) – Sergeant in Bar (uncredited)
Che fanno i nostri supermen tra le vergini della jungla? (1970) – Captain Brad Scott
Quando suona la campana (1970) – Don Vincenzo
Formula 1 – Nell’Inferno del Grand Prix it – Ken Stark
Wanted Sabata de – Sabata
The Mad Butcher (1971) – Mike Lawrence
Arriva Durango… paga o muori (1971) – Durango
Il ritorno del gladiatore più forte del mondo (1971) – Marzio
Kommissar X jagt die roten Tiger (aka Tiger Gang) (1971) – Capt. Tom Rowland
Seminò morte… lo chiamavano il Castigo di Dio! (1972) – Django / Durango
Zambo, il dominatore della foresta (1972) – George Ryon aka Zambo
Questa volta ti faccio ricco! (1974) – Brad McCoy
The Girl in Room 2A (1974) – Charlie
The Mutations (1974) – Brian Redford
Who Breaks… Pays (1975) – Placido
Lady Dracula (1977) – Kommissar
The Beast in Heat (1977) – Don Lorenzo (uncredited)
Brass Target (1978) – Lt. Rowan
Zwei tolle Käfer räumen auf (1979) – Don Fernando Hidalgo
Mie jue qi qi (1980) – Leopard
Good-bye, Cruel World (1983) – Policeman
Hercules (1983) – King Augeias
The Seven Magnificent Gladiators (1983) – Scipio
Death Stone (1987) – Brain
Boom (1999) – Gordon Steele (segment “Il figlio di Maciste”)
Shiver (2012) – The Captain (final film role)


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