Bodybuilder Actor Brad Harris Dies at 84



Brad Harris (2004)
Born July 16, 1933
St. Anthony, Idaho, U.S.
Died November 7, 2017 (aged 84)
Occupation Film actor, stuntman, executive producer

Brad Harris had a prolific career primarily in Italian movies. He started off in Sword and Sandal films followed by a bunch of spy movies and a few spaghetti westerns as well. In 1983 he co-starred with Lou Ferrigno in an Italian production of Hercules.

Harris wasn’t featured that much in bodybuilding magazines but enough that you’d know who he was. Musclemag International gave him the most press, as publisher Robert Kennedy was a fan. I saw Ferrigno’s 1983 Hercules co-starring Harris but wasn’t that familiar with his career until I started watching Italian movies, which are currently at least 90% of my movie diet. Harris was as much of a stuntman as he was an actor but also had several writer and producer credits.

Check out Brad Harris’ gallery and filmography at the link below.

What’s that? You want to see a crazy Brad Harris movie from the 70s? This one is atypical in that it was banned in a few countries due to being an extreme exploitation movie. It’s called Beast in Heat. It’s adult, not for the squeamish, and may not be available if you are not signed in to Youtube as 18 or older.

Brad Harris

Bead Harris Gallery
Brad Harris Movie Posters

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