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Once upon a time, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a young boy named Milton Boyer Coe was born on August 18, 1946. Little did the world know that this unassuming child would grow up to become an American businessman, inventor, philanthropist, and a renowned professional bodybuilder.

Boyer Coe’s journey into the world of bodybuilding started at the tender age of 13. He had a vision, a dream that he would often share with anyone willing to listen – he aspired to become “Mr. America.” Under the guidance of his mentor and lifelong friend, Red Lerille, who had earned the prestigious title of Mr. America in 1960, Boyer Coe’s passion for weightlifting took root. His early training days were spent at the Lake Charles Athletic Club, where he honed his skills and developed a dedication that would serve him throughout his life.

In a display of his prodigious strength, at the age of 17, Boyer Coe bench-pressed an astounding 420 pounds, setting the stage for his future bodybuilding endeavors. This young man had talent, dedication, and a vision that knew no bounds.

Boyer Coe’s path to greatness began when he secured his first bodybuilding victory in 1964 at the Mr. New Orleans contest. This impressive achievement came just four days before he graduated from high school. The stage was set for his remarkable career in the world of bodybuilding.

His journey was marked by a string of significant victories, including titles such as Mr. Texas, Mr. Oklahoma, Teen Mr. America, Junior Mr. USA, and Junior Mr. America. But the pinnacle of his success came in June 1968 when he claimed the coveted title of Mr. America. The same year, Boyer Coe graduated from the University of Lafayette, Louisiana, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Management.

With his dreams materializing, Boyer Coe took a leap into entrepreneurship, opening his first business – Boyer Coe’s Health Foods. His venture rapidly expanded, establishing multiple outlets across Lafayette and Lake Charles, Louisiana. As he continued to reign in bodybuilding competitions, his business empire continued to grow.

Boyer Coe’s commitment to fitness extended beyond his personal journey. He was driven by a desire to share his philosophy and expertise with others. In 1969, he initiated training programs at the Angola State Penitentiary and Louisiana’s State School for the Deaf, demonstrating his dedication to making a positive impact in various communities.

Throughout his life, Boyer Coe’s father’s words of wisdom served as a guiding principle. “You have got to do things for yourself first,” his father would say. These words emphasized the importance of personal development and discipline, values that Boyer Coe held dear.

In 1970, Boyer Coe crossed paths with inventor and exercise pioneer Arthur Jones. Jones introduced a revolutionary concept in strength training known as High-Intensity Training (H.I.T.). Boyer Coe joined forces with Jones, embracing this innovative approach to exercise, which aimed to maximize muscular hypertrophy and strength gains through short, intense workouts.

Taking his commitment to fitness to the next level, Boyer Coe opened his own health club and exercise equipment company. In 1977, Boyer Coe’s BodyMasters became a reality, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey. That same year, he co-founded BodyMasters Sports Industries with Mike Luquette, launching commercial exercise equipment that would have a lasting impact in the fitness industry.

Boyer Coe’s achievements extended beyond the gym. He became a familiar face on the covers of numerous strength, fitness, and industry magazines, including Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, and Iron Man, among others. His presence was celebrated, and his physique served as an inspiration to many.

In 1994, Boyer Coe emerged from a ten-year retirement to compete in Joe Weider’s Masters Olympia. This remarkable comeback was documented in the 1996 film “Stand Tall,” directed and edited by Mark Nalley. The film revolved around the competition between Boyer Coe and one of his primary rivals, Lou Ferrigno, for the title. In preparation for the 1994 Masters Olympia, Boyer Coe achieved the best condition of his professional bodybuilding career, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Boyer Coe’s journey continued as he partnered with inventor, engineer, and exercise product designer Mark Nalley. Together, they formed Raptor Inc., a California-based company renowned for its strength-related technology trademarked as “lock-n-load.” This technology revolutionized commercial and consumer health and fitness products, reinforcing Boyer Coe’s commitment to innovation in the field.

Beyond his numerous accolades and contributions to bodybuilding and fitness, Boyer Coe’s most cherished treasures were the enduring friendships he cultivated. For him, the lasting connections he made throughout his life held more value than any contest victories.

However, Boyer Coe’s journey was not without controversy. The 1980 Mr. Olympia contest, held on October 4, 1980, remains one of the most debated events in bodybuilding history. Arnold Schwarzenegger unexpectedly entered the competition just one day before the event, stunning the bodybuilding community. Mike Mentzer and Boyer Coe were among the favorites entering the contest, with both displaying remarkable conditioning. Nevertheless, Schwarzenegger was declared the winner, a decision that garnered criticism and controversy.

The aftermath of the 1980 Mr. Olympia saw several competitors, including Boyer Coe, Frank Z

Boyer Coe Bodybuilding Competition History


Mr Texas – AAU, 2nd


Teen Mr America – AAU, Most Muscular, 2nd
Teen Mr America – AAU, 2nd
Mr Texas – AAU, Most Muscular, 1st
Mr Texas – AAU, Winner


Junior Mr America – AAU, Most Muscular, 5th
Junior Mr America – AAU, 5th
Teen Mr America – AAU, Winner
Mr USA – AAU, Most Muscular, 3rd
Mr USA – AAU, 2nd


Mr America – AAU, Most Muscular, 5th
Mr America – AAU, 5th
Junior Mr America – AAU, 2nd
Junior Mr America – AAU, Most Muscular, 2nd
Mr Southern States – AAU, 2nd


Mr America – AAU, 2nd
Mr America – AAU, Most Muscular, 1st
Junior Mr America – AAU, Most Muscular, 1st
Junior Mr America – AAU, 2nd
Junior Mr USA – AAU, Overall Winner
Mr USA – AAU, Most Muscular, 1st
Mr USA – AAU, 2nd


Mr America – AAU, Most Muscular, 1st
Mr America – AAU, Winner
Junior Mr America – AAU, Winner
Mr Universe – NABBA, Medium, 1st
Mr Universe – NABBA, Overall Winner


Universe – Pro – NABBA, Short, 1st
Mr World – AAU, Pro Short, 2nd


Mr America – IFBB, Medium, 1st
Mr International – IFBB, Medium, 1st
Mr International – IFBB, Overall Winner
Pro Mr World – WBBG, Winner


Mr Galaxy – WBBG, 2nd
Universe – Pro – NABBA, Short, 2nd
Pro Mr World – WBBG, Winner


Universe – Pro – NABBA, Overall Winner
Universe – Pro – NABBA, Short, 1st
Pro Mr World – WBBG, Winner


Universe – Pro – NABBA, Short, 2nd
Pro Mr World – WBBG, Winner


Universe – Pro – NABBA, Short, 1st
Universe – Pro – NABBA, Overall Winner
Universe – Pro – PBBA, Winner
Pro Mr World – WBBG, Winner


Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, Did not place


Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, 3rd
Olympia – IFBB, 4th


Night of Champions – IFBB, 4th
Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, 2nd
Olympia – IFBB, 4th
Professional World Cup – IFBB, 5th


Best in the World – IFBB, Professional, 5th
Canada Diamond Pro Cup – IFBB, 3rd
Canada Pro Cup – IFBB, 3rd
Florida Pro Invitational – IFBB, 4th
Grand Prix Pennsylvania – IFBB, 5th
Grand Prix Vancouver – IFBB, 3rd
Night of Champions – IFBB, 4th
Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, 2nd
Pittsburgh Pro Invitational – IFBB, 5th


Canada Pro Cup – IFBB, 2nd
Grand Prix California – IFBB, 5th
Grand Prix Miami – IFBB, 5th
Grand Prix Pennsylvania – IFBB, 5th
Olympia – IFBB, 4th
Pittsburgh Pro Invitational – IFBB, 5th


Canada Pro Cup – IFBB, Winner
Grand Prix Belgium – IFBB, Winner
Grand Prix California – IFBB, 3rd
Grand Prix Massachusets – IFBB, Winner
Grand Prix New England – IFBB, 3rd
Grand Prix Wales – IFBB, Winner
Grand Prix Washington – IFBB, 3rd
Grand Prix World Cup – IFBB, Winner
Night of Champions – IFBB, 3rd
Professional World Cup – IFBB, Winner
World Grand Prix – IFBB, Winner


Grand Prix Belgium – IFBB, 8th
Grand Prix Sweden – IFBB, 9th
Olympia – IFBB, 11th
World Pro Championships – IFBB, 2nd


Olympia – IFBB, 13th


Olympia – Masters – IFBB, 3rd


Olympia – Masters – IFBB, 10th

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