Wesley Vissers: The New Standard?


Muscle fullness on a tall bodybuilder is relatively rare, but Wesley Vissers has that Arnold Schwarzenegger potential of fullness on an even taller physique. Whether Vissers takes his physique to a higher body weight or not, he already has unusual fullness for a tall person, which is a quality that separated Schwarzenegger from the pack.


So, this video is about Wesley Vissers and on the bodybuilding website builtreport.com there’s an article that’s titled Wesley Visser’s: 22 Year Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Double from Netherlands. It was posted over a year ago and I didn’t know anything about Wesley Vissers other than some people thought he physically had a resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger. But, I kept seeing over and over again in the stats on Google Analytics that his page would come up a lot as a page that people were viewing and a lot of times that’s set up just randomly. You could make a page on a pet rock or something and all of a sudden that would be the number one page just because the search engine positions it in such a way that it gets a lot of views. So, what I would see on Google Analytics is evidence of somebody viewing the Wesley Vissers page. I couldn’t even tell you who Vissers was a year ago. The page was made and Vissers was just a name. I didn’t know who it was, didn’t really even care, but in retrospect, actually viewing the imagery on Wesley Vissers, he kind of stands out like Arnold Schwarzenegger stood out because he was over 6 feet tall but had complete fullness, three-dimensionality to the muscles in the chest to the biceps, of the calves, full quadricep muscles, even though they weren’t overblown. And Wesley Vissers, if you look at photos of him is very much in that category. The listing as far as body weight that is on builtreport.com, and this could be outdated weight-wise, but it’s 6’3”, which is taller than Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger was listed as 6’2” but he might not have been that tall. But Wesley Vissers looks like a comic book character and I mean that in a positive way, long limbs like Schwarzenegger, this guy, if he freaked out his bicep a little more so he had more of a peak, even if he didn’t he could still do roles in movies as in as an action hero. You know, a lot about bodybuilding is just taking drugs and piling on a lot of muscle on a bad bone structure, and a bad muscle structure… but this guy Wesley Vissers actually has a good structure to build upon and is already there. I mean, you don’t have to get any bigger than that.

Look at the accompanying photos. I mean, bodybuilding should be, especially with the new advances in science that people can’t even predict, I mean you’ll be able to change your bone structure so you won’t have to resign yourself to the fact that you’re x-height whatever that maybe you have narrow shoulders or wide hips, or whatever, and then build upon that and then try to make yourself feel good. You can actually say, “no I don’t want that. I want wider shoulders. I want to be 6’3”. I want to be such and such and this guy’s like the prototype as far as inspiration. ..6’3″ they even say he’s 216 in bodyweight but how many people claim to be 6-2 or something like that that, claim to be 220, aren’t even remotely close to this guy. So, this is more old-school bodybuilding. Sometimes technology takes a step backward. Things weren’t as good as they were and that happened in bodybuilding as far as people taking synthol or blowing out their stomach, not being ableto control the abdominals, and not making their rib cage more prominent with a vacuum, it’s just the stomach sticking out. This guy is old-school and should be promoted more. This should be the standard.

Wesley Vissers: 22 Years Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Double From Netherlands

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