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Goliath and the Barbarians(1959) could have been called Emiliano and the Barbarians if it weren’t for the Italians giving “Emiliano” an English translation of “Goliath”. The movie has nothing to do with Goliath from the biblical story David and Goliath but is loosely based on events occurring in the Lombard invasion of Italy in 568 AD.

Steve Reeves’ love interest in Goliath and the Barbarians is Chelo Alonso, a big star in Italian films who is actually Cuban/Mexican. Check out her dance in Goliath and the Barbarians here. She played opposite with Reeves in Morgan the Pirate as well. After her 1962 movie Desert War Chelo took a turn at television. He return to the big screen in a small non speaking role in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly(1966).  She retired after the death of her husband, a production manager and producer of many of her films. Night of the Serpent(1969) was her last film. Her post film activities include starting a cat-breeding business and four-star hotel in Italian region of Senese.

Steve Reeves strikes the Joe Weider pose Goliath and the Barbarians
Steve Reeves strikes the Joe Weider pose in Goliath and the Barbarians

Chelo Alonso displays her hourglass figure:

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