Franco Columbu Movie: Beretta’s Island


Beretta’s Island is a 1993 film directed by Michael Preece and produced, written, and starring Franco Columbu. Franco plays an Interpol agent and fights drug dealers in Europe and America.

The video directly below is Franco’s epic singing scene. The actress/singer to his right tries to pull the mic out of his hand at 1:15 but turns her gesture into a clap when she realizes Franco wants to keep singing. Watch Arnold scene here.


Franco Columbu as Franco Armando Beretta
Arnold Schwarzenegger as himself
Ken Kercheval as Barone
Elizabeth Kaitan as Linda
Van Quattro as Johnny Carrera
Jo Champa as Celeste
Leslie Ming as Sly
Audrey Brunner as Tina
Dimitri Logothetis as Interpol agent
Buck Holland as Father Pastore

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  1. Has Franco received any awards for his acting? He’s had small roles in Conan and Terminator.

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