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In the realm of cinematic masterpieces, there’s an often-overlooked gem that shines like a lighthouse on the cinematic shores— “Beretta’s Island.” This 1993 magnum opus, directed by the visionary Michael Preece and meticulously curated by the multi-talented Franco Columbu, is a cinematic journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space. It’s a cinematic spectacle that has it all: action, drama, and yes, a generous dose of Franco’s charisma.

In the movie, Franco takes on the role of an Interpol agent, a character of immense depth and complexity, not to mention a certain penchant for avenging the death of a dear friend. The plot unfolds as he embarks on a mission to dismantle a drug lord’s empire, one that not only threatens an entire village on the picturesque island of Sardinia but also has its treacherous tentacles spread across Europe and America. If that’s not the recipe for a cinematic masterpiece, I don’t know what is.

Franco Columbu’s commanding presence and exceptional acting skills shine through as he masterfully portrays the retired Interpol officer. The interplay of emotions, the relentless pursuit of justice, and the sheer audacity of the character is brought to life with Franco’s unparalleled finesse.

But let’s not forget one of the movie’s defining moments—the epic singing scene. In this unforgettable sequence, Franco takes the stage, microphone in hand, and unleashes his vocal prowess. The actress/singer by his side might have initially contemplated wresting the microphone from his grasp, but she quickly realized the futility of such a gesture. Franco’s determination to serenade the audience with his melodic charm was unwavering. Her initial attempt transformed into an applause that resonated with the hearts of viewers worldwide.

“Beretta’s Island” is a cinematic odyssey that encapsulates the essence of an era, an era when action heroes took center stage and narratives unfolded with unmatched fervor. Franco Columbu’s contribution to this project as the producer, writer, and lead actor further solidifies his legacy as an all-encompassing artistic force.

So, while we bask in the glory of “Beretta’s Island,” let us not forget the resplendent contribution of Franco Columbu, a man whose talents knew no bounds. As we revel in the movie’s storytelling prowess and unforgettable moments like the singing scene, we’re reminded of the magic that can happen when dedication meets the silver screen.

Watch Arnold below.


Franco Columbu as Franco Armando Beretta
Arnold Schwarzenegger as himself
Ken Kercheval as Barone
Elizabeth Kaitan as Linda
Van Quattro as Johnny Carrera
Jo Champa as Celeste
Leslie Ming as Sly
Audrey Brunner as Tina
Dimitri Logothetis as Interpol agent
Buck Holland as Father Pastore

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  1. Has Franco received any awards for his acting? He’s had small roles in Conan and Terminator.

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