1981 Mr. Olympia

Lee Haney

Man’s World Issue 1

Check it out for free: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/65277923/mans-world-issue-1 Globo Uomo is Italian for Man’s World. Globo means “world”, not to be confused with “Globalism”. Uomo means “Man” in Italian. The publishers are no strangers to bodybuilding given […]

1981 Mr Olympia
1981 Mr Olympia

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1 Franco Columbu
2 Chris Dickerson
3 Tom Platz
4 Roy Callendar
5 Danny Padilla
6 Jusup Wilkosz
7 Dennis Tinerino
8 Johnny Fuller
9 Samir Bannout
10 Roger Walker
11 Hubert Metz
12 Carlos Rodriguez
13 Ed Corney
14 Steve Davis
15 Mike Katz
16 Ken Waller
17 Jorma Raty

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