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Whether or not you are a vegan, you may have heard of Vegan Gains. Basically, Vegan Gains is a guy in his 20s from Canada who lifts weights, has a Youtube channel, and is a¬†very impassioned¬†advocate¬†of Veganism.¬† He rose to popularity¬†on Youtube by calling out¬†members of the fitness and bodybuilding industry over¬†lying about their steroid use, lack of nutrition and training knowledge, and non-vegan diets.¬†His strategy was simple.¬†Make a negative video of someone in the fitness industry that you disagree with that also has a lot of subscribers. Once that fitness industry Youtuber with¬†a lot of subscribers hears about your video they¬†will get upset. Hopefully, being upset will prompt them to counter your criticisms with a video attacking you. Once you are attacked, all of the fitness industry star’s viewers will know who you are and watch your videos as well. ¬†Vegan Gains now has over 150,000 subscribers and continues to grow.

Vegan Gains¬†saving grace physically are¬†his bicep peaks. Quite frankly, when wearing a t-shirt he doesn’t look like he lifts weights. However, when he flexes his arms, his biceps are extremely peaked, a genetic trait which makes him stand out. ¬†When anyone asks¬†someone to “make a muscle” they always mean ‘flex your biceps’. If you can deliver on that, the general public will regard you as having muscle.

Veganism is a movement that is on the rise. Vegan Gains argues that veganism is not only the best way of eating nutritionally and for building muscle, but that the meat and dairy industry are cruel to animals. Vegans feel that they have the moral high ground and promote their cause by shaming meat eaters. Maybe one day people will realize that plants feel as well and there will be a cause devoted to shaming fruit and vegetable consumers.

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