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Rachel McLish in Aces: Iron Eagle 3

Rachel McLish’s journey extended beyond the bodybuilding stage, as she ventured into the worlds of film and literature, making her an icon in multiple arenas. Her remarkable achievements went far beyond her incredible physique and inspired countless individuals worldwide.

In 1985, Rachel took center stage in the documentary “Pumping Iron II: The Women,” a film that shone a spotlight on her participation in the 1983 Caesar’s World Cup. The documentary provided an intimate glimpse into the world of women’s bodybuilding, portraying the dedication, passion, and discipline required to excel in this challenging sport. Rachel McLish’s presence in the film was not only a testament to her success but also an inspiration to women aspiring to push the boundaries of their physical potential.

McLish’s foray into acting saw her take on roles that showcased her physical prowess. In the 1984 film “Getting Physical,” she portrayed a strong and determined character. Her acting continued to evolve with her appearance in “Aces: Iron Eagle III” (1992) and “Raven Hawk” (1996).

One of her most notable moments in the entertainment industry was her appearance in Herb Alpert’s “Red Hot” music video. Her presence in the video not only added an element of strength and empowerment but also highlighted the merging of music and fitness, a testament to her multifaceted talents.

Additionally, Rachel McLish had the unique opportunity to co-star alongside the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger in the fitness instructional video “Shape Up” (1982). The collaboration of two iconic figures in the fitness world not only provided valuable insights into physical training but also served as a source of inspiration for aspiring fitness enthusiasts.

Beyond her achievements in the world of film and entertainment, Rachel McLish also made a mark in the realm of literature. Her two books on weight training for women, “Flex Appeal” and “Perfect Parts,” both achieved New York Times bestseller status. These books not only offered valuable guidance on fitness and weight training but also served as a source of inspiration for women to take charge of their physical well-being.

Today, Rachel McLish continues her work, focusing on fitness and nutrition in her ongoing literary pursuits. Her dedication to inspiring individuals in their fitness journeys remains unwavering, and her influence in the fitness and bodybuilding communities continues to be a guiding light for countless individuals striving for physical excellence. Rachel McLish’s legacy extends far beyond the stage and screen, leaving an indelible mark on the world of strength, self-confidence, and determination.

Rachel McLish Bodybuilding Competition History


Olympia – IFBB, Winner
USA Championships – SPA, Winner


Olympia – IFBB, 2nd


Olympia – IFBB, Winner
World Pro Championships – IFBB, Winner


Grand Prix Las Vegas – IFBB, 3rd


Grand Prix Las Vegas – IFBB, 3rd
Olympia – IFBB, 2nd

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