How Many Times Could Arnold Have Won The Mr. Olympia?

Arnold Mr. Olympia

In the event that Arnold Schwarzenegger had chosen not to initially retire in 1975, one may muse over the prospective sum of consecutive Mr. Olympia titles he could have garnered prior to his inevitable encounter with defeat. Is it a plausible contention to posit that, had Arnold preserved the aesthetic stature reminiscent of his mid-1970s Mr. Olympia titles, he might have prevailed over Franco Columbu in 1976 and subsequently outshone Frank Zane during the years spanning from 1977 to 1979?

Indeed, it is established that even a diminished Arnold emerged victorious in 1980. One might reasonably postulate that an Arnold akin to his 1974 embodiment could have surpassed the 1981 incarnation of Franco Columbu.

Pray, in contemplation, who might have eventually triumphed over Arnold, and in which year might this prospective defeat have transpired? Could a competitor of Chris Dickerson’s 1982 caliber have, perchance, bested a Schwarzenegger reminiscent of his 1974 iteration? Could a 1983 Samir? A 1984 to 1991 Lee Haney? Surely, a 1992 Dorian Yates? At what juncture, if I may inquire, do you discern the demarcation?

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