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The Life and Legacy of Steve Reeves: The Original Hercules

In the annals of bodybuilding and Hollywood history, one name stands out as the original embodiment of the mighty Hercules—Steve Reeves. His journey from a small town in Montana to becoming a renowned bodybuilder and an international movie star in the 1950s is nothing short of extraordinary. This is the story of Steve Reeves, a man whose physique and charisma left an indelible mark on both the world of bodybuilding and the silver screen.

Early Life and Introduction to Bodybuilding:
Steve Lester Reeves was born on January 21, 1926, in Glasgow, Montana. Tragedy struck his family when his father, Lester Dell Reeves, died in a farming accident. This loss led to a significant change in the young boy’s life. At the age of 10, Reeves, along with his mother Goldie Reeves, relocated to California, seeking a fresh start.

It was in California that Reeves’s lifelong fascination with bodybuilding began to take shape. He attended Castlemont High School, where he not only pursued his education but also started nurturing his passion for physical fitness. Ed Yarick’s gym in Oakland, California, became a significant part of his life, where he honed his body and built the strong foundation that would eventually lead him to the world stage.

World War II Service and Ascent in Bodybuilding:
The outbreak of World War II saw a young Steve Reeves enlist in the United States Army. He served his country dutifully, including deployments to the Philippines. These experiences undoubtedly contributed to his physical discipline and mental fortitude, which would later serve him well in both bodybuilding and acting.

Following his military service, Reeves decided to pursue higher education, enrolling at the California Chiropractic College in San Francisco. While his academic endeavors were essential, it was in the world of competitive bodybuilding that he truly made a name for himself. During the pre-Mr. Olympia era, Steve Reeves achieved impressive titles such as Mr. America in 1947, Mr. World in 1948, and Mr. Universe in 1950. These achievements marked the ascent of a future legend.

Transition to the Silver Screen:
As Reeves’s reputation in the bodybuilding world continued to grow, fate intervened when he was approached by a talent agent who saw potential beyond the physique. The agent recognized something special in Reeves and encouraged him to explore a new path in acting. Steve Reeves embraced this opportunity, launching the next phase of his remarkable career.

Italian Sword-and-Sandal Epics:
In the mid-1950s, Steve Reeves ventured to Italy, where he found fame as a leading man in a series of sword-and-sandal films. These movies, set in ancient times, featured Reeves portraying muscular characters such as Hercules, Goliath, and Sandokan. Although he is most closely associated with the character of Hercules, Reeves played this role only twice, first in “Hercules” (1958) and then in its sequel “Hercules Unchained” (1959). It was during this period that Reeves’s popularity skyrocketed.

International Stardom:
By the turn of the 1960s, Steve Reeves had achieved a level of fame that was truly international. He became the highest-paid actor in Europe, and his popularity extended far beyond the continent. In fact, by 1960, he held the distinction of being the number-one box-office draw in an astonishing 25 countries around the world. His blend of charisma, athleticism, and good looks resonated with audiences everywhere.

Legacy and Beyond:
Steve Reeves’s influence reached far and wide. He inspired countless individuals to pursue bodybuilding and, in a broader sense, a life of fitness and health. His timeless portrayal of Hercules continues to captivate audiences, making him an enduring icon in the realm of cinematic mythology.

On May 1, 2000, Steve Reeves passed away, but his legacy remains as potent as ever. He may have portrayed Hercules on the silver screen, but in the world of bodybuilding, he was the embodiment of a real-life hero who rose from humble beginnings to conquer hearts and minds worldwide. Steve Reeves’s life is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of one’s dreams, leaving an indomitable mark on the realms of both bodybuilding and cinema.

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Steve Reeves Bodybuilding Competition History


Mr Pacific Coast – AAU, Tall, 1st
Mr Pacific Coast – AAU, Overall Winner


Mr America – AAU, Winner
Mr Pacific Coast – AAU, Winner
Mr Western America – AAU, Winner


Mr USA, 2nd
Mr Universe – NABBA, 2nd
Mr Universe – NABBA, Tall, 1st
Mr World, Winner


Mr USA, 3rd


Mr Universe – NABBA, Tall, 1st
Mr Universe – NABBA, Overall Winner

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