Terminator Hates You


Social engineers are clashing with red-pilled audiences. Information accessible on the internet has heightened human awareness to such a degree that a large swath of the population has woken up to the smothering extent that the media, political, educational, and other systems have been manipulating them. In reaction, those systems of control have upped their propaganda to a point where their agenda’s puppet strings have become ridiculously obvious and predictable. Corporate media and “entertainment” now employ tactics, not just of subversion, but inversion. Up is down. Down is up. Little boys can be little girls. Men are female athletes. Girls are ass-kicking tough guys on the big and little screens. Come to think of it, it’s nothing new. In the late 1920s, Sigmund Freud’s inbred nephew and propaganda wizard, Edward Bernays, convinced healthy women to ’empower’ themselves by blackening their lungs with “torches of freedom”. Cigarettes. How stupid can you get? Well, at the current time, movie audiences fund those that hate them and those pushing their upside-down agenda as entertainment. They count on you being dumb enough to pay to see Terminator Dark Fate.

Contrast the latest universally-hated SJW Terminator to Rambo 5:

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