Orthotropics: Better Facial Structure


Orthotropics is a method of orthodontics which involves widening the facial structure to accommodate the teeth. There seems to be a connection between how the tongue is positioned and the developing facial structure. Tongues positioned on the roof of the mouth, as opposed to pushing against the front teeth, appear to enhance the individual’s facial appearance. The maxilla bone is favorably affected. You can tell the difference in the photos below featuring twins, one of which had traditional orthodontia, and the other who was treated with Dr. Mew’s method.

The video above was made in 1999 but serves as a primer for straightening teeth without negatively affecting facial structure.

Left: Traditional Orthodontia, Right: Orthotropics

Video Transcript for First Video: “Dispatches Part 1. Twin Study. John Mew, 1999”

Reporter: For the last three decades, one man, more than any other, has been the scourge of the orthodontic establishment and he lives here in this slightly unexpected castle in the depth of rural Sussex. His name is John Mew.

Dr. John Mew: “I’m a perfect example of why you shouldn’t take teeth out. In Britain, the most common treatment for children with over crowded and uneven teeth is to use fixed braces, often accompanied by extractions.”

Reporter: Mew believes that’s wrong. Instead he argues for an alternative approach and there is, he says, a way to compare the results.

Dr. John Mew: “Here, for example, we have a pair of twins. Both of them had irregular teeth but Quinton, the one below, was more severe. I treated him while Ben, his brother with the milder problem, was treated by a traditional orthodontist. ”

Reporter: Although Ben and Quentin Creed are identical twins, their treatment wasn’t like tens of thousands of other British children. Ben had four teeth extracted and the rest braced. Quentin, on the other hand, was treated by John Mew without extractions. Instead, he used a technique designed to expand his jaw to make room for the teeth.

Dr. John Mew: “What’s happened to their faces, well, you can see the Ben’s face is slightly flatter and slightly longer where as Quinton has more forward growth which I think perhaps gives him the slightly better profile.”

Reporter: Today, in their early 20s, the twins are happy that at least people can now tell them apart but Ben, who received the traditional treatment, does feel John Mew’s approach would have left him with a better result.

Ben Creed: “I think in some place it elongated my face because of the extractions. I’ve got a smaller bite size and so the width of my mouth is smaller, so therefore this smile isn’t as pronounced.”

Quentin Creed: “Well, there’s a clear comparison between us as twins for the two different methods and evidence which method seems to work in in favor of the orthodontist and method of Dr. Mew.”

Reporter: “How do you feel about that?”

Ben Creed: “Um, I don’t mind too much. I mean it gives us a bit of a difference between the two of us but in hindsight I would prefer to come with Mr. Muse’s method.”

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