Rachel McLish Photos: Part 2

Rachel McLish

Rachel McLish’s Posing Insights: A Quote from ‘Pumping Iron 2: The Unprecedented Woman’ by Gaines and Butler

I really don’t enjoy posing that much. I’d rather give a bodybuilding seminar instead of doing a guest posing appearance, because I really don’t enjoy getting up there in a little bitty skimpy bikini and strutting my stuff. For competition I will, because it’s required and I want to do my best. I do enjoy it for competition, but not just for show at all.

In a posing routine you have to have different emotions, like you want to be muscular, you want some poses to be sexy and alluring with the chest back. You have to add a little in your posing routine, but that is planned and it’s there for a purpose. But then I step right out and do a really hard core muscle shot followed by a semi-cheesecake, sexy shot. I do include a couple of these poses in it that aren’t too obvious — just a slight hint. But as far as on stage, like the poseoff, it’s muscularity. I just try to show my physique to the best.

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