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What is responsible for Larry Scott’s Three Dimensional look? He wasn’t born with it. You can look at his “before” picture and determine that he wasn’t born with balloon-like muscles and that his frame wasn’t huge.  It’s not just because all pro bodybuilders have that much fullness, because they don’t. Frank Zane didn’t. I don’t think even Schwarzenegger or Columbu have photos where they look that round in the shoulders and arms.

Larry Scott was trained by Vince Gironda. Gironda had a course called “A Muscle has Four Sides” where he taught bodybuilders to train all dimensions of the muscle groups. Might that have been the reason? After all, another Gironda pupil, Don Howorth, had that kind of look. That may be a factor but then why didn’t Gironda, himself, have that round, blown up look?

Certainly, muscle lengths play a part in the equation. Larry Scott had long full biceps. He also was 5’7″, so he didn’t have a really long frame to fill out. However, he had the same muscle insertions in the before picture but didn’t have that balloon look.

Could Larry Scott have responded really well to steroids in a way that few people do? Larry Scott has been on record discussing his Dianabol usage in low dosages. Drugs have different effects on different people. Some people don’t respond all that well to steroids, most respond as you’d expect, but some are extreme responders. Some bodybuilders blow up at contest time instead of losing weight. They keep relatively low body fat levels throughout the year, take drugs only around contest time, and respond really well to what they’re taking.

Since the 1990s, bodybuilders have not only been taking steroids but also synthetic growth hormone, insulin, synthol, etc… and most look like they’re wearing muscle suits with the mandatory capped deltoids, but how many would look like Larry Scott if all they had was what he had back in the 1960s?

Larry Scott’s combination of muscle insertions, genetics, training, size, and pharmaceutical responses all play into his look, which still stands out to this day. There are factors as to why people have or can achieve certain looks that others can’t that haven’t been answered yet. It’s not a priority in science. They’re too busy trying to cure disease and, for profit motivated reasons, things like baldness, but maybe they’ll accidentally(like penicillin’s discovery) find out some day exactly why some achieve this 3D look.

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