Frank Zane vs Arnold Schwarzenegger


Was Frank Zane living in a world created by Joe Weider and dominated by Arnold Schwarzenegger? Watch video.


In analyzing this Frank Zane morph it becomes apparent that it’s really not about making Zane better, although that could be a possibility. It’s about making him competitive, through this imagery, against Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1970s. That’s primarily what is missing in Zane, biceps development, although you can see in the after version of the morph that the forearms are developed a little more, lats a little wider, thighs a little wider calves, a little bigger, but primarily it’s the biceps.

It’s only from a bodybuilding competition perspective that the biceps would have to be that big. That was a world Joe Weider created. Prior to Joe Weider plopping Larry Scott on the scene, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc…, none of the actors in the sword & Sorcery movies of the late 50s, early 1960s like Steve Reeves or Gordon Scott, Brad Harris, Reg Park, maybe Reg Park to some degree, or just sculpture throughout history, it was never just bicep dominant physiques as in Joe Weider’s world which, everyone listening accepts. Of course, that’s the way it is. Well, it really wasn’t always like that throughout thousands of years of history. Having a peak on a biceps is one thing but having it the defining factor and the whole body disproportionately large biceps or arms was never the standard.

What this morph really represents is what it would take for Zane to defeat Schwarzenegger, which shows the influence of Schwarzenegger. Because who cares? But, that’s the whole paradigm that was established by Weider, that this guy Schwarzenegger stood out so much he created a new look that had never been seen before, and so what this morph really boils down to is what Zane would have to look like to defeat that new look, and it’s mainly biceps just like Schwarzenegger. Take Schwarzenegger’s biceps away, put Zane’s biceps on Schwarzenegger, and Zane would be dominant but, of course, the morph shows a little bit more than the bicep development increasing. It’s a little bit proportional all around, although it’s dominant on the biceps.

So, leave a comment. Is the morphing improving Zane, or is it just an alternative? Is Zane a little bigger but comparable before? Do you think that Schwarzenegger created a standard that everybody else seems to have to kind of live up to? Although that personally worked for him, is that, or should that, be a standard? Of course it’s understandable this is all bodybuilding contests related it’s not necessarily applicable to the real world.

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  1. PS…excellent analysis in all your comments.

    There were the small guys like Zane, Labrada, Makkawy, and then there were the beasts like Yates, Gunther, Cutler, Coleman, and now they are ALL gorillas who look the same.

    BTW…EVERY competitor that stepped onstage from the inception of the O in 1965 was on a boatload of powerful prescription male hormones, at least. Amazing that our ‘sport’ is simply a show of guys bloating, cutting, building, shredding their pharmaceutical physiques with gear. I’m not hating on them. I’m not saying they didn’t work their ashes off. I’m not saying any person can be a champ with drugs. I’m not saying they weren’t extraordinarily disciplined. I am merely making an 110% accurate observation.

  2. Weider was not the ‘Father of Bodybuilding’. Weider was the ‘Father of Steroid Circuses with Chemical Clowns’. And off course Arnie had much bigger arms than Frank. By the nineties Yates, et al, ‘raised the bar’ to where you had to be 270 onstage or the newbies would bitch that they looked like swimmers/joggers ! And finally now today you can win contests with zero calves like Dennis Wolf, and giant guts like every single guy on stage. The stomach vacuum is gone, the side chest is gone. It’s a joke.

    • Thanks for your comments. Drugs have always been 2 hurdles, the willingness to take them in the first place and one’s genetic response to the drug. Most have good effects from the drugs but rarer individual have a “fantastic” response. But the variety of drugs in today’s “stacks” are taking away as much as they’re giving. Like you say, 270 lbs but 50 of that is in the waist, thighs, and butt, all propped up on comparatively stick calves.

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