Sergio Oliva Was Too Big!

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Sergio Oliva: Three Ways He Was “Too Big”

Sergio Oliva, known as “The Myth,” was undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures in the world of bodybuilding. His larger-than-life physique often led to humorous and awe-inspiring moments in various aspects of his life. In this article, we explore three unique realms where Sergio Oliva was simply “too big.”

1. Too Big for Competition

Sergio Oliva’s extraordinary physique presented a formidable challenge for his fellow bodybuilding competitors. The Blond Bomber, Dave Draper, humorously noted, “No way could I see training to beat Sergio Oliva, a real wise career decision.” The Duke of Deltoids, Don Howarth, echoed the sentiment, saying, “People asked me why I didn’t do the Olympia, but who in their right mind would go up against Sergio Oliva?” Oliva’s dominance on the bodybuilding stage was so overwhelming that it discouraged many potential competitors from challenging him. Rumor has it that Larry Scott decided to stop at two Mr. Olympia titles, suspecting that Oliva’s massive improvements would make it nearly impossible to beat him.

2. Too Big for Clothing

One glance at Sergio Oliva’s physique, particularly his colossal arms, was enough to realize that he was “too big” for standard clothing. Countless photos capture Oliva wearing shirts custom-tailored to accommodate his enormous arms. Regular off-the-shelf clothing simply couldn’t contain his bulging biceps and massive deltoids. Oliva’s wardrobe was a testament to the unique challenge of dressing a bodybuilder of his caliber, requiring specially designed outfits to complement his larger-than-life physique.

3. Too Big for Average Automobiles

Sergio Oliva’s size extended beyond the bodybuilding stage and his wardrobe – he was literally “too big” for your average automobile. To overcome this challenge, Oliva sought custom solutions, one of which was his customized Cadillac. This vehicle featured massive, protruding, blue-tinted headlights, and a personalized license plate, showcasing Oliva’s larger-than-life personality. However, it was not the only vehicle he modified to accommodate his size. In 1982, Sergio had an ostentatious Zimmer shipped from Florida to Chicago. He later transformed it by changing all the silver parts to gold and applying a special paint that changed color with the setting sun, epitomizing his grandiose style.

In conclusion, Sergio Oliva’s presence was so monumental in the world of bodybuilding that it extended beyond the stage. He was “too big” for his competitors, “too big” for standard clothing, and “too big” for ordinary automobiles. Sergio Oliva’s larger-than-life persona will always be remembered, not just for his legendary physique but also for the unique challenges his size presented in various aspects of his life.

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