LSJL: Lateral Synovial Joint Loading

Height Increase
Height Increase

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jurassic gorilla Icon is a blog where two height researchers contribute posts regarding the latest breakthroughs in anything bone-growth or height related. The blog owner, who goes by the name “senior researcher”, is interested in any upcoming technologies related to height increase. The other writer, Tyler, is specifically interested in a kind of “bodybuilding for the bones” known as LSJL or Lateral Synovial Joint Loading.

LSJL involves clamping long bone epiphyseal joint areas to create bone growth stimulation, not unlike creating tension on muscles to stimulate muscular development. Tyler claims to have gained 1.5 inches of height, primarily from his legs, using this method.

LSJL demonstation:

Ultimately, height increase for adults may come through stem cell breakthroughs and methods other than LSJL, although any research in the field could prove helpful. The important thing is to generate interest in height increase because money will be spent on research if enough people are perceived to care about the issue. Technology is increasing exponentially and it will not be unrealistic to be able to alter height in the near future. The problem may end up being that if height increase is available to everyone, will being taller matter? Not only that, but will this spawn “height wars”? Will the government eventually have to step in to enforce height limits? It seems silly now but consider that the international scientific research gene mapping project, known as the Genome Project, was only 1% complete halfway through it’s 15 year project span, but was 100% complete within the 15 years due to exponential increases in technology. Height increase could be here quicker than we might imagine, especially if it is deemed important enough to research. The technology could also be applied to bone structure in general such as wider shoulders, jaws, or cheekbones, for example.

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