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Check it out for free: Globo Uomo is Italian for Man’s World. Globo means “world”, not to be confused with “Globalism”. Uomo means “Man” in Italian. The publishers are no strangers to bodybuilding given […]

Steve Davis Gallery

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Steve Davis Gallery

Roger Callard and Steve Davis in Sagan
Roger Callard and Steve Davis in Sagan

Steve Davis had superhero proportions. He looks like someone comic book artist Jim Starlin would draw especially in our gallery picture of him with fellow bodybuilder Warren Fredrick. Bodybuilding has become a contest of who can pile the most shit onto a crappy frame but Davis actually had a good skeletal structure. I believe it was an old issue of Robert Kennedy’s Musclemag which had an article featuring Davis, Roger Callard, and Frank Zane with accompanying pictures of them looking kind of superhero-ish for their appearance in a futuristic science fiction movie called Sagan. I couldn’t find anything on it in IMDB, Internet Movie Data Base) so maybe the movie was never released. Steve Davis doesn’t appear to have an IMDB page but Frank Zane and Roger Callard do and there’s no Sagan listing for either of them. If anyone knows the fate of the movie please comment.


Quote from Steve Davis’ Website:

     …Steve is arguably one of the most muscular and symmetrical bodybuilders of any generation. Admittedly Steve is not one of the mass monsters, and there are reasons for this. Steve always strived to maintain muscularity, vascularity and symmetry, and was not willing to sacrifice these for size. Also, from a genetic standpoint, Steve was not wired to be the 6’ 250 lbs. bodybuilder. But, he was wired to be the 6’ 200 lbs. bodybuilder with great lines, symmetry and muscularity. Clearly, Steve built his body to his genetic potential.

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