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You are looking at a two foot high model of what will be the largest sculpture in the world. The city of San Diego has been looking for a landmark that will be unique to the western coast of the United States. New York has the Statue of Liberty and now San Diego will have the David Palumbo.

David Palumbo reached the heights of the bodybuilding world in the 1990s and was widely seen as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s successor. Now, Palumbo will be immortalized with a 51 foot sculpture in San Diego’s popular harbor. People from all over the world will be drawn to the sculpture, creating new interest, not to mention tourist dollars to the San Diego area.

All the engineering and logistics have been ironed out and all that is left a vote San Diego’s local politicians over the ramifications such a sculpture will bring to Southern California.

Many speculate that a project such as this would have been easier to pass through when Arnold Schwarzenegger was still Governor. Others argue Mr. Schwarzenegger would have had reservations about promoting a bodybuilder such as Palumbo far ahead of Schwarzenegger’s own status in the world. In any case, we enthusiastically await the vetting process in what may well turn out to be the biggest boon to the California economy since the gold rush of mid 1800s. Stay tuned for updates and by all means subscribe to this channel.


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