Rare Moments of Camaraderie: Mike Mentzer and Arnold Schwarzenegger


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The storied rivalry between Mike Mentzer and Arnold Schwarzenegger has been well-documented. Their conflicting training philosophies, the notorious 1980 Mr. Olympia controversy, the relentless exchange of words, and the mutual accusations are all elements that have colored their history. But today, let us rewind to the year 1979, a time when finger-pointing was accompanied by smiles and even a handshake. The stage is set, not for a heated face-off, but for an unexpected camaraderie between two of bodybuilding’s legends.

Fast forward to 1980, as the Mr. Olympia competition looms on the horizon, there is a subtle yet profound shift in the narrative. It is the year when the bodybuilding community acknowledged the formidability of Mike Mentzer. The evidence of this newfound respect was conspicuously displayed above a mirror, a symbol of the changing tides.

Now, let us venture to a serene moment captured in Europe’s picturesque mountains. Here we find Mike Mentzer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jusup Wilcosz, three titans of bodybuilding, enjoying each other’s company. It is a picture of harmony, a stark contrast to the intense rivalry that usually defined their relationship.

In a snapshot from 1975, we glimpse Mike Mentzer in a lesser-known cameo appearance in the documentary “Pumping Iron,” standing shoulder to shoulder with Arnold Schwarzenegger. A piece of history that often goes unnoticed, this image reflects a shared moment in time.

As we delve further, we encounter another image—Arnold and Mike sharing a moment on a patio. It is a serene scene that speaks of a bond formed outside the weight room, a friendship that transcends competition.

And then, in a most intriguing photograph, we witness a jovial Arnold and Mike, standing beside a sedan’s trunk on a bustling road. Their laughter is infectious, their adventure evident. It is a candid moment of camaraderie that remained unreported until now.

In these photographs, we see a different dimension of Mike Mentzer and Arnold Schwarzenegger, one marked by camaraderie and shared moments, hidden behind the curtains of history. These snapshots reveal that even in the world of bodybuilding, where competition is fierce, friendships can emerge, uncelebrated yet cherished.

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