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World Gym International LLC, a renowned fitness center chain, has a rich history rooted in the golden era of bodybuilding and has evolved into a global fitness brand. Founded in 1976 by Joe Gold, the man behind the iconic Gold’s Gym, World Gym has been a fixture in the fitness industry and has attracted celebrities, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts for decades. With a legacy that spans over four decades, World Gym’s story is one of success, dedication, and continuous growth.

The Beginnings of World Gym:
Joe Gold, a prominent figure in the fitness world, initiated his journey with Gold’s Gym in 1965. This iconic gym became a hub for world-famous bodybuilders, and its reputation grew exponentially. However, in 1973, Joe Gold made the significant decision to sell Gold’s Gym, a choice that would later lead to the creation of World Gym.

Following the sale of Gold’s Gym, Joe Gold went to sea as a merchant mariner. Yet, he harbored regrets about selling the rights to his name. Unable to use the “Gold” brand, he embarked on a new venture and opened a gym in Santa Monica, California, christening it “World Gym.” This marked the inception of what would become another fitness giant in the industry. Joe Gold’s dedication to creating a fitness environment that fostered progress and transformation was once again manifested in World Gym.

The Legacy of Joe Gold:
World Gym’s lineage is closely connected to Joe Gold’s passion for bodybuilding and fitness. As a testament to his influence, Joe Gold’s gym was where a young Arnold Schwarzenegger began his transformation into a bodybuilding legend. Schwarzenegger, who would go on to become a movie star, California’s governor, and a seven-time Mr. Olympia, sculpted his physique at Joe Gold’s gym. His training sessions were even documented for the iconic bodybuilding film “Pumping Iron,” released in 1977. The film provided a glimpse into the intense and focused atmosphere of Joe Gold’s gym, showcasing the rigorous training regimes of top bodybuilders.

Joe Gold’s contributions to the fitness industry extended beyond his gym. His dedication to promoting health and fitness as a way of life left an indelible mark. His gyms not only offered state-of-the-art equipment but also a supportive community and environment that fostered personal growth and transformation.

Ownership Changes and Global Expansion:
Over the years, World Gym has undergone changes in ownership while retaining its commitment to delivering exceptional fitness experiences. The Cammilleri family took ownership of World Gym in 2009 and has been instrumental in its continued growth and development. Under their leadership, World Gym has further expanded its reach, and its franchise network has proliferated globally.

As of March 2021, World Gym proudly announced having over 200 franchises across six continents. This global presence demonstrates the brand’s ability to resonate with diverse communities and cultures worldwide. The Cammilleri family’s vision includes opening regional flagship gyms and further expanding the franchise network, ensuring that the World Gym experience remains accessible to fitness enthusiasts around the world.

The Legacy Lives On:
Despite the passing of Joe Gold in 2004 and the evolution of ownership, World Gym continues to uphold the legacy of its founder. The spirit of dedication, hard work, and self-improvement that characterized Joe Gold’s gyms persists in the World Gym brand. The synergy of modern fitness technology and the timeless principles of commitment to fitness and personal growth make World Gym a haven for those pursuing their health and fitness goals.

World Gym’s longstanding influence on the fitness industry and its dedication to helping individuals achieve their fitness aspirations make it a compelling choice for those seeking to improve their physical well-being. As it extends its reach to diverse corners of the world, World Gym remains a testament to the enduring power of a strong fitness community and the enduring legacy of Joe Gold, whose dream of helping others transform their lives through fitness lives on.

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