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Ronnie Coleman Surgery
Dave Palumbo's Ronnie Coleman Surgery Update

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Ronnie Coleman was just inducted into the International Sports Hall Of Fame a month¬†after his latest back surgery, just in time to be interviewed by Dave Palumbo.¬†Appearing a foot shorter than Palumbo, Coleman is actually sitting in a wheelchair, we hope. He’s only out of the hospital for the induction and it’s back for an additional eight weeks of therapy. When asked about his passion for hospital food, Coleman replied “food¬†is food” and the more the better. Coleman’s¬†surgery was supposed to be four hours long but turned out to be¬†11 hours due to the¬†complexity of replacing screws that broke since his last surgery.¬† A full recovery is expected by Coleman and he can’t wait¬†to get back to the gym and¬†train for his next surgery.

Watch the interview:

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What is Ronnie Coleman doing to his body?

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