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Edgar Rice Burroughs novels translate perfectly to movies and television. Not only John Carter, At the Earth’s Core, The Land that Time Forgot, and The People that Time Forgot, but 200 movies with Tarzan in the title have been released between 1918 and 2015.

Edgar Rice Burrough’s books  adapted to Movies

In the cinematic odyssey that is “The Legend of Tarzan,” the roles of Tarzan and Jane Porter are embodied by the charismatic Alexander Skarsgård and the captivating Margot Robbie, respectively. A curious query surfaces as Robbie graces the screen — does anyone else discern a semblance to Jamie Pressly in her portrayal? The ensemble cast is further enriched by the inclusion of Tarantino alumni Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson, alongside the seasoned John Hurt and Djimon Hounsou.

Jamie Pressly and Margot Robbie

The narrative unfolds in the aftermath of Tarzan’s sojourn into London’s civilized society. Summoned back to the jungle as a trade emissary of Parliament, Tarzan finds himself embroiled in a perilous investigation into the nefarious undertakings at a mining encampment. This thematic shift, from the refined corridors of London to the untamed depths of the jungle, sets the stage for a riveting exploration of societal contrasts and inherent human conflicts.

Skarsgård steps into the iconic role of Tarzan, joining a storied lineage that includes illustrious names such as Buster Crabbe, Johnny Weissmuller, Ron Ely, Lex Barker, and Christopher Lambert. In parallel, Margot Robbie assumes the mantle of Jane Porter, following in the footsteps of predecessors like Bo Derek, Brenda Joyce, and Maureen O’Sullivan, each leaving an indelible mark on the character’s cinematic legacy.


The narrative takes a nostalgic detour, delving into the rich history of Tarzan’s cinematic evolution. The mention of the 1934 film “Tarzan and His Mate” adds a layer of intrigue, marked by a memorable scene that defied the constraints of the Motion Picture Production Code. A nod to the pre-code era, this scene features Jane Porter, portrayed by Maureen O’Sullivan’s stand-in Josephine McKim, swimming nude underwater with Tarzan — a moment that transcends the boundaries of cinematic censorship.

1934 “Tarzan and his Mate”

The 2016 rendition of Tarzan, with a staggering $180 million budget, promises a spectacle reminiscent of the wild tree-swinging and action sequences seen in the 1999 Disney cartoon. In the trailer, one encounters the semblance of gorillas wrought by the machinations of computer-generated artifice. Despite the nascent state of this technological craft, the simulated apes exhibit a semblance of reality sufficient to divert the spectator’s attention from any perceived imperfections. This diversion permits the audience to plunge into the narrative without undue fixation on the deficiencies of verisimilitude.

In this nuanced exploration of “The Legend of Tarzan,” we find ourselves momentarily veering into the realm of physical culture, allowing for a discerning analysis of the corporeal attributes exhibited by the film’s protagonists. Within this divergence, we extend commendation to Margot Robbie for her commendable overall physique, yet a subtle proposition surfaces, suggesting a potential avenue for inner calf development — a nod to the discerning ethos intrinsic to the tenets of physical culture.

However, the towering figure of Alexander Skarsgård, standing nobly at 6’4″, invites our critical gaze. In the spirit of imparting sagacious bodybuilding counsel, a recommendation emerges, cautioning against the perils of excessive oblique work, a practice prone to expanding the waistline.. This counsel, rooted in the pursuit of aesthetic harmony and the delicate equilibrium of bodily proportions, underscores the meticulous scrutiny applied to every facet of the cinematic endeavor, even those beyond the narrative tapestry — an ode to the multifaceted nature of our cultural critique.

In anticipation of the film’s release on July 1, 2016, viewers are invited to experience the jungle escapades in 2D, IMAX, 3D, and IMAX 3D, ensuring an immersive journey through the heart of the jungle. The allure of scenes involving high-speed jungle traversal via vines promises an exhilarating cinematic spectacle, beckoning audiences to partake in the timeless adventure of “The Legend of Tarzan.”

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