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Sergio Oliva visited Arthur Jones’ Nautilus headquarters in Deland, Florida in the early 1970s.

Arthur Allen Jones (November 22, 1926 – August 28, 2007) was the founder of Nautilus, Inc. and MedX, Inc. and the inventor of the Nautilus exercise machines, including the Nautilus pullover, which was first sold in 1970. Jones was a pioneer in the field of physical exercise i.e. weight and strength training. He was born in Arkansas, and grew up in Seminole, Oklahoma.

Below is a quote from Arthur Jones:


To begin with, most of the claimed measurements of top bodybuilders are simply untrue. The largest muscular arm that I ever measured – or saw –was Sergio Oliva’s, which, accurately measured, “cold” was 20 1/8 inches. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arm was 19 7/8, slightly pumped – probably 19 1/2 “cold”. Bill Pearl’s largest arm, his left arm, was 18 5/8 at a bodyweight of 222 in 1960 – at the 1971 NABBA Mr. Universe contest in London, his publicized arm size was listed as 20 1/4, but it was obvious to me that his arms were actually smaller than when I measured them in 1960, and it was obvious to anybody who saw the two men side by side that Sergio’s arms literally dwarfed Bill’s arms, and now you know how big Sergio’s arms were at the time. Casey Viator’s arms were 19 15/16 at their largest when he was training in DeLand – and were 18 1/16 when he first came to DeLand, immediately after the Mr. America contest in 1970.

Brian D. Johnston talks to Sergio Oliva about the Arthur Jones measurement

“BDJ: I believe you may be the only person to officially develop a muscular arm with a
height (from the top of the biceps to the bottom of the triceps) greater than the height of
one’s head. Did this phenomenon occur while training with Jones?

SO: This occurred with Jones, around the time of the 1972 Mr. Olympia in Essen,
Germany. You see, Jones tricked everybody. He would invite them down and pay for the
trip to test his machines. Everyone went down… Columbu, Arnold, Zane… everybody.
And as soon as you arrived he would start measuring your arms cold, then he would tell
you how much you can increase in a couple of days, and nobody would believe it. All
those Weider magazines claiming 21-22” arms would have everyone coming down to 18-
19”… and the only 20.5” cold was my arm. After going through his workouts, my arm
was almost an inch bigger, and that happened for everybody. Arnold’s arm was 19.75”,
and Weider had him in the magazines with 22.5”. It was ridiculous—all their
measurements came down when Jones measured them. It was during that time that Jones
measured my arms and my head, and I couldn’t believe that my arms were bigger than my
head… I didn’t pay attention up to that point.”

Sergio Oliva doing Nautilus pullovers.
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