Would Calum Von Moger Be Better Off As Franco?

Given the large shoes to fill as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s double, would it have been easier for Calum Von Moger to emulate Schwarzenegger-sidekick Franco Columbu instead of Arnold? Below is an artist’s interpretation gif of Calum if he had gone the Columbu route. Below the Calum/Franco gif is a link to our interpretation of Calum as Arnold.


Calum von Moger, an Australian bodybuilder and actor, gained recognition for his role as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film “Bigger.” The movie, which focuses on the fitness industry and the journey of the Weider brothers, highlights von Moger’s portrayal of the iconic bodybuilder. His performance led to some dubbing him as “the next Arnold,” suggesting that he might follow in the footsteps of the legendary Schwarzenegger. However, the question arises: instead of attempting to fill Arnold’s formidable shoes, would it have been a more realistic approach for Calum von Moger to emulate Franco Columbu, Schwarzenegger’s close friend and fellow bodybuilder?

Franco Columbu, a Sardinian bodybuilder, powerlifter, and actor, was renowned for his impressive physique and his close friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He played a significant role in the world of bodybuilding and even appeared in several films alongside Schwarzenegger. While not as globally famous as Arnold, Columbu enjoyed a successful and respected career in the bodybuilding and entertainment industries.

The question of whether Calum von Moger should have emulated Franco Columbu rather than Arnold Schwarzenegger touches on the idea of setting more modest goals. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an iconic figure in bodybuilding, acting, and politics, making his legacy incredibly challenging to replicate. Emulating Schwarzenegger would indeed be an arduous and ambitious undertaking, considering his multiple achievements and worldwide recognition.

On the other hand, Franco Columbu represents a different path, one that involves substantial success but perhaps a more achievable and realistic goal. Following in Columbu’s footsteps could involve building a solid career in bodybuilding and entertainment while nurturing a reputation as a respected figure in these fields.

The artist’s interpretation GIF that envisions Calum von Moger taking the “Columbu route” emphasizes the idea of pursuing a path similar to Franco Columbu. In this scenario, the focus is on a well-defined and muscular physique, without necessarily aiming for the immense size and status that Arnold Schwarzenegger achieved. It’s a depiction of a different type of bodybuilding journey—one centered on aesthetic appeal and functional strength.

It’s essential to recognize that Calum von Moger, like many aspiring bodybuilders, faces a unique challenge. He not only seeks to establish himself in the competitive world of bodybuilding but also carries the added burden of portraying Arnold Schwarzenegger on screen. This places him in a distinctive position where emulating Schwarzenegger, even partially, is part of his professional obligation.

In conclusion, the comparison between Calum von Moger and Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly ambitious, and it’s natural for some to question whether a more modest approach, akin to Franco Columbu’s, might have been a more realistic and achievable route. However, it’s important to remember that Calum’s career choices and aspirations are ultimately his own, and his journey in the world of bodybuilding and entertainment is still unfolding. Whether he continues to emulate Arnold or carves out a path similar to Franco Columbu, Calum von Moger’s career is a testament to the diverse opportunities within the fitness and entertainment industries.

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