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los temibles sergio oliva
Sergio Olivia's historic groundbreaking wrestling western coincided with the end of his movie career.

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According to IMDB, Sergio Oliva’s movie career consisted of four films, all of which were either Spanish or Portuguese language productions. His first film came out in 1971 which was entitled O Doce Esporte do Sexo which may appear Spanish but when checked in Google Translate is only translatable to English from Portuguese. O Doce Esporte do Sexo translates to “The Sweet Sex Sports”. The movie, directed by Brazilian Zelito Viana, was an erotic comedy divided into five segments. Sergio was in the segment called “O Filminho”(The Little Movie) and apparently played a character called Black Power…or his name was Black Power in the film…or as an actor he was known as Black Power and also played a character called Black Power.

His second film, also a 1971 release, was called O Capitão Bandeira Contra o Dr. Moura Brasil and translates from Portuguese to “Captain Flag Against Dr. Moura Brazil”. It was directed by Antônio Calmon, another Brazilian director. Once again the name Black Power was associated with Sergio Oliva’s movie and/or character’s name.

Sergio Oliva bodybuilding gallery:

Sergio Oliva competing against Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1972 Mr. Olympia contest:

los temibles
Sergio Oliva as western wrestler in Los Temibles, 1977.

Sergio’s third film, El poder negro also known as Black Power was released in 1975. Black Power was a Mexican wrestling film where he plays a unusually strong dockworker who ends up battling the local crime syndicate.

los temibles
Detail close up of a portion of “Los Temibles” movie poster. Sergio Oliva’s real name is in parenthesis under his movie billing name of “Black Power”.

The fourth and last Sergio Oliva movie was another Mexican wrestling genre action flick, this time mixed with the western genre. Los Temibles which translates from Spanish to “The Fearsome” was released in 1977. The movie poster for Los Temibles has the lead actor billing as Black Power with Sergio’s actual name parenthesized below it in much smaller text. So, maybe Sergio’s acting name was Black Power and he also played a character called Black Power. Below is a short video with a few scenes of Sergio Oliva acting in his final motion picture.

sergio oliva in 1977
Sergio Oliva at the 1977 WABBA Mr. World competition around the release time of “Los Temibles”.


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