WARCRAFT is Taking Acting Roles Away From Bodybuilders

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Warcraft, the motion picture, is based on the Warcraft video game series and novels. I’m not familiar with the magical world of Azeroth where all the action goes down but after viewing the trailer one character stood out, a monstrous muscle bound creature called Durotan. I’ll defer to Wikia.com:

Durotan, son of Garad, was the chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, mate of Draka and father of the future Warchief Thrall. He was also a contemporary of Orgrim Doomhammer.

Durotan is an entirely computer generated character whose bodybuilder equivalent would be a tall version of Warren Branch if I had to come up with one. If you are a bodybuilder hoping to land acting roles based on your physique then you might consider your acting competition. Durotan and his entire muscular clan as well their muscular green-hued rivals were all created by nerdy guys sitting behind a computer monitor and vocalized by an actor that you’d most likely consider skinny.

As CGI/3D modeling, animation, and rendering technology get better and better, the less fantasy movies will rely on real actors to play the physical aspect of their fantasy characters. There are clearly no real world humans with the muscular dimensions of Durotan. Even with Conan the Barbarian, who has been played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rolf Moeller, and Jason Momoa, there isn’t one actor that has all the physical qualities to look like comic book artist John Buscema’s version along with the ability to act. Clearly, a digital Hulk has replaced Lou Ferrigno and any other bodybuilder hoping to reprise the role. Chris Hemsworth continues to hold on to the role of Thor but he can act, looks like a movie star, and is 6’3″. However, when producers decide to make the character true to the actual comic book, I mean comic character Thor’s wrist alone is as big as most people’s forearm, they’ll have the actors doing the voice only and leave the physiques to fx experts.

There is hope, however, because in the not too distant future scientists will be able to reopen growth plates, shut down your muscle inhibiting myostatin gene, and change whatever physical aspect you want. Bio-hacking is still in it’s infancy stage. And just as some people get facial tattoos, horn implants in their heads, and dozens of face piercings so too will people bio-hack themselves to look monstrous as well. Eventually humans may get their revenge and a real life muscle bound monstrosity will be able to put the computer animator geeks out of business and star as Durotan without even having to wear makeup.

Watch the trailer for Warcraft:

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