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Built Report, British Bodybuilder Tony Emmott Standing next to beautiful fitness model.
British Bodybuilder Tony Emmott Standing next to beautiful fitness model.

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‘Postman turned professional bodybuilder’ Tony Emmott is from Ilkley, West Yorkshire and currently resides in California. ‘Bodybuilder turned photographer’ Art Zeller also had a postal backgound, working as a clerk at the post office in Santa Monica.

Emmott owned Olicana Health Studio in Ilkley, Yorkshire, UK, a gym with a health food restaurant extension added by none other than Emmott himself. There is currently an Olicana Health Spa located at 25 Grove Pomenade, Back Grove Road, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 which is likely the same gym under new ownership.

Health and Strength, Muscle Training Illustrated, and Muscle World were among the magazines whose covers Emmott appeared.

Tony Emmott Bodybuilding Competitions

1983 IFBB Grand Prix Portland 9th
1981 IFBB Pro World NP
1980 IFBB Olympia 12th
1980 IFBB Night Of The Champions 13th
1980 IFBB Canada Pro 5th
1980 IFBB Grand Prix California 7th
1980 IFBB Grand Prix Pennsylvania 9th
1979 IFBB Canada Pro 7th
1979 IFBB Grand Prix Pennsylvania NP
1979 IFBB Universe 3rd
1979 IFBB World Pro 3rd
1978 IFBB Olympia 8th
1978 IFBB Olympia 5th
1977 NABBA Universe 1st
1976 WBBG Olympus 3rd
1976 NABBA Universe 1st
1974 NABBA Universe 3rd

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  1. I attended Tony Emmott’s gym back in 1973-77 would you happen to have any old photos of the members training at that time?

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