Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Sergio Oliva

Arnold vs Sergio

A Chronology of Arnold vs Sergio

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva’s iconic rivalry spanned four pivotal contests, including three Mr. Olympia showdowns:

In 1969, their inaugural clash in New York City marked Sergio Oliva’s zenith, securing his third and final Mr. Olympia title. Only Sergio and Arnold competed, creating an air of exclusivity.

The year 1970 witnessed the convergence of these titans on two occasions. Arnold triumphed as the overall winner at the 1970 AAU Pro Mr. World in Columbus, Ohio, with Sergio also gracing the tall class, claiming the runner-up position.

Within the hallowed precincts of New York City, the same year unfolded a defining moment – Arnold’s inaugural Mr. Olympia triumph. The outcome witnessed Arnold’s ascent to the pinnacle, while Sergio secured the second-tier honor.

In 1971, the Mr. Olympia journeyed to Paris, France, with Arnold competing solo. Sergio Oliva had been adjudicated and disqualified for his involvement in an unsanctioned event, relegating him to the status of a guest poser rather than a contender.

The chronicle culminated with the year 1972, locating itself in Essen, Germany, where Arnold and Sergio engaged in their ultimate battle. Here, Sergio once again found himself in the familiar role of the runner-up, yielding to Arnold’s formidable prowess.

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