Gorilla-Bodybuilding Connections


Step into the untamed world of bodybuilding where strength meets the wild, and legends are forged among the steel and sweat. Our latest video, “Gorilla Connections,” takes you on an exhilarating journey through the unexpected ties between the bodybuilding realm and the mighty gorilla.

The adventure begins with a nod to the iconic “Planet of the Apes,” setting the stage for a wild lineup of bodybuilding stars. Witness the captivating tale of Seymour Koenig, Irvin Koszewski (aka Zabo), and Bill Pearl at the 1953 Mr. Southern California. From Seymour’s best back to Zabo’s most muscular feats, and Bill Pearl’s triumph in the best legs category, the competition was fierce, and the stories, unforgettable.

Delve into the Golden Era of bodybuilding at the original Gold’s Gym, where the indomitable Steve Merjanian channels the spirit of a captive gorilla, playfully emulated by Zabo extending a banana in jest. Catch the mesmerizing portrayal of actor-bodybuilder Buck Kartalian as a gorilla in 1968 and “Conquest” in 1972, adding a cinematic touch to the gorilla legacy.

The journey continues with unexpected gorilla encounters, from William Smith’s “Planet of the Apes” episode to Lou Ferrigno’s fierce battle with a gorilla in “The Incredible Hulk.” Even Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blockbuster “Raw Deal” took on a new identity as “Gorilla” for Japanese audiences.

Explore the pages of bodybuilding history with Bob Paris’s “Gorilla Suit” book and witness John Grimek in a posedown with a great ape, showcasing the extraordinary connections between muscle and primal power.

But the gorilla saga doesn’t end there—encounter the intriguing moments when bodybuilding legends like Vince Gironda were captivated by gorilla sculptures, and Lee Priest casually befriended these mighty creatures.

The article unveils the captivating Gorilla Cover of Joe Weider’s Fury magazine and the unique Gorilla Kettlebells from Onnit, showcasing the widespread influence of these powerful creatures.

Finally, witness the transformation as Joe Gold, inspired by the antics of Zabo and Steve, enlisted Ric Drasin to infuse a gorilla theme into the iconic World Gym logo. This emblem swiftly became an international symbol, adorning gym walls across six continents and capturing the hearts of luminaries like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed Giuliani, Joe Gold, and many more.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary adventure into the heart of bodybuilding’s wild side. Watch the “Gorilla Connections” video now and discover the awe-inspiring tales that have shaped the fitness world. It’s a journey like no other—raw, powerful, and undeniably wild! 🦍💪 #GorillaConnections #BodybuildingLegends #WildWorkouts

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