Built Report, British Bodybuilder Tony Emmott Standing next to beautiful fitness model.

Tony Emmott

Jurassic Gorilla https://jurassicgorilla.com Tony Emmott Biography Tony Emmott, a former postman who seamlessly transitioned into the realm of professional bodybuilding, hails from the picturesque town of Ilkley in West Yorkshire. Today, he calls California his […]

Vince's Gym location in 2005

Vince’s Gym 2005

Jurassic Gorilla https://jurassicgorilla.com Vince’s Gym Trainees Robert Blake, O.J. Simpson, Cher, Ernest Borgnine, George Hamilton, Gary Busey, David Carradine, Clint Eastwood, Clint Walker, Erik Estrada, Michael Landon, Larry Parks, James Garner, Sean Penn, Burt Reynolds, […]

Built Report Weider Headquarters

Weider Headquarters

Jurassic Gorilla https://jurassicgorilla.com The transition of Joe Weider’s central offices from a modest warehouse in Union City, New Jersey, to an elaborate edifice in Los Angeles represents a significant evolution in the history of the […]

Built Report Wilf Sylvester

Wilf Sylvester Gallery

Jurassic Gorilla https://jurassicgorilla.com The venerable bodybuilder Wilf Sylvester, known originally as Sylvester Wilfred, graced this world from 1942 to 2006. His journey commenced on the idyllic shores of Castries in St. Lucia, West Indies, before […]