William Smith- March 24, 1933 – July 5, 2021

William Smith (March 24, 1933 – July 5, 2021) was an American actor. In a Hollywood career spanning more than 75 years, he appeared in almost three hundred feature films and television productions in a wide variety of character roles, with his best known role being the menacing Anthony Falconetti in the 1970s television mini-series Rich Man, Poor Man. Smith is also known for films like Any Which Way You Can (1980), Conan the Barbarian (1982), Rumble Fish (1983), and Red Dawn (1984), as well as lead roles in several exploitation films during the 1970s.

Although it has been reported that Smith retired from film in 2014 with his last screen appearance, he did make a cameo appearance in the Steve Carell comedy Irresistible in 2020.

On July 5, 2021, Smith died at the age of 88 at the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital in Los Angeles.

Great William Smith movie, Hollywood Man (Full Movie):

Selected filmography
Year   Title   Role   Notes
1942   The Ghost of Frankenstein   Village Boy in Courtroom   Uncredited
1964   Combat!   German Sergeant   Episode: “Eyes of the Hunter”
1964   36 Hours   Guy   Uncredited
1968   Batman   Adonis   Episode: “Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires”
1970   C.C. and Company   Moon   
1972   Grave of the Vampire   James Eastman   
1973   Invasion of the Bee Girls   Neil Agar   
1974   Planet of the Apes   Tolar   Episode: “The Gladiators”
1979-80   Hawaii Five-O   Det. James ‘Kimo’ Carew   19 Episodes
1980   Any Which Way You Can   Jack Wilson   
1982   Conan the Barbarian   Conan’s Father   
1983   Rumble Fish   Patterson the Cop   
1983   The A-Team   Jase Tataro   Episode: “Pros and Cons”
1986   The Twilight Zone   Guard   Segment “Shadow Play”
1986   The A-Team   Dimitri Shasta Kovich   Episode: “The A-Team Is Coming, the A-Team Is Coming”
1988   Maniac Cop   Captain Ripley   
1989   L.A. Vice   Capt. Joe Wilkes   
1996   Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny   Sable man   Voice, Uncredited
2002   Justice League   Draaga[7]   Voice, Episode: “War World” Parts I & II
2005   Hell to Pay   Emil Brax   
2009   Wanted: Weapons of Fate      Voice, Video game
2014   Rock n’ Roll Cops Lite   Rinaldi   Archive Footage
Island of Witches   Vladislav Titov   
The Song of Bernadette (1943) as Townsman (uncredited)
Going My Way (1944) as Choir Member (uncredited)
Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) as Little Boy (uncredited)
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945) as Boy (uncredited)
Gilda (1946) as Man (uncredited)
I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now (1947) as Young Boy (uncredited)
The Boy with Green Hair (1948) as Boy (uncredited)
Saturday’s Hero (1951) (uncredited)
High School Confidential (1958) as Minor Role (uncredited)
The Mating Game (1959) as Barney
Ask Any Girl (1959) as Young Man (uncredited)
Girls Town (1959) as Man (uncredited)
Never So Few (1959) as MP Officer #1 (uncredited)
The Gazebo (1959) as Actor (uncredited)
Go Naked in the World (1961) as Minor Role
Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961) as Captain of the Guard
Mail Order Bride (1964) as Lank
Three Guns for Texas (1968) as Texas Ranger Joe Riley
The Banditos (1968)
Run, Angel, Run! (1969) as Angel
Nam’s Angels (1970) as Link Thomas
Angels Die Hard (1970) as Tim
Darker than Amber (1970) as Terry
C.C. and Company (1970) as Moon
Summertree (1971) as Draft Lawyer
Chrome and Hot Leather (1971) as T.J.
The Thing with Two Heads (1972) as Hysterical Condemned Man
Grave of the Vampire (1972) as James Eastman
Hammer (1972) as Brenner
Piranha, Piranha (1972) as Caribe
Runaway, Runaway (1972) as Frank
Gentle Savage (1973) as Camper John Allen
Sweet Jesus, Preacherman (1973) as Martelli
Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973) as Neil Agar
The Last American Hero (1973) as Kyle Kingman
The Deadly Trackers (1973) as Schoolboy
A Taste of Hell (1973) as Jack Lowell
Policewomen (1974) as The Karate Instructor / Karate Instructor
Black Samson (1974) as Johnny Nappa
Win, Place or Steal (1974) as Tom
”The Rockford Files” (1974) ‘Backlash of the Hunter’ as Jerry Grimes
Boss black (1975) as Jed Clayton
The Swinging Barmaids (1975) as Lt. Harry White
The Ultimate Warrior (1975) as Carrot
Dr. Minx (1975) as Gus Dolan
Scorchy (1976) as Carl Henrich
Hollywood Man (1976) as Rafe Stoker
Twilight’s Last Gleaming (1977) as Hoxey
Blood and Guts (1978) as Dan O’Neil
Blackjack (1978) as Andy Mayfield
Fast Company (1979) as Lonnie ‘Lucky Man’ Johnson
The Frisco Kid (1979) as Matt Diggs
Seven (1979) as Drew Savano
The Cop Killers (1981)
The Outsiders (1983) as Store Clerk
Red Dawn (1984) as Strelnikov
Wildside (1985, TV Series) as Brodie Hollister
The Mean Season (1985) as Albert O’Shaughnessy
When Nature Calls (1985) as The Husband (“Gena’s Story” trailer)
Fever Pitch (1985) as “Panama Hat”
Eye of the Tiger (1986) as Blade
Commando Squad (1987) as Morgan Denny
Moon in Scorpio (1987) as Burt
The Badd One (1987) as Badd
Bulletproof (1988) as Russian Major
Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988) as Captain Devlin / Count Sodom
Platoon Leader (1988) as Major Flynn
Hell on the Battleground (1988) as Col. Meredith
Evil Altar (1988) as Reed Weller
The Kill Machine (1988) as Boris Katunik
Jungle Assault (1989) as General Mitchell
Slow Burn (1989) as Antonio Scarpelli
Action U.S.A. (1989) as Conover
Empire of Ash III (1989) as Lucas
Terror in Beverly Hills (1989) as President
Memorial Valley Massacre (1989) as Gen. Mintz
East L.A. Warriors (1989) as Martelli
B.O.R.N. (1989) as Dr. Farley
Deadly Breed (1989) as Captain
Instant Karma (1990) as Pop
Emperor of the Bronx (1990) as Fitz
Cartel (1990) as Mason
Chance (1990) as Captain Joe Wilkes
The Final Sanction (1990) as Maj. Galashkin
Highway Warrior (1990)
Forgotten Heroes (1990) as General Gregori Zelenkov
Spirit of the Eagle (1991) as Hatchett
The Roller Blade Seven (1991) as Pharaoh
Merchant of Evil (1991) as Victor Fortunetti
Kiss and Be Killed (1991) as Det. Murdoch
Hard Time Romance (1991)
Cybernator (1991) as Colonel Peck
Feast (1992) as Det. George Bordelli
The Last Riders (1992) as Hammer
American Me (1992) as Deacon
Shadow of the Dragon (1992) as Eric Brunner
The Legend of the Roller Blade Seven (1992) as Pharaoh
Legend of Skull Canyon (1992) as Conchos Charlie
Feast (1992) as Det. George Bordelli
Dark Secrets (1992) as Robert
A Mission to Kill (1992) as Boris Catuli
Return of the Roller Blade Seven (1993) as Pharaoh
Road to Revenge (1993) as Normad
Maverick (1994) as Riverboat Poker Player
Manosaurus (1994) as Sheriff Todd
Taken Alive (1995) as L.E.
Raw Energy (1995) as Sam Stompkins
Judee Strange (1995) as Judee
Big Sister 2000 (1995) as The Man
Uncle Sam (1996) as Major
Neon Signs (1996) as Clyde
Hollywood Cops (1997) as Rinaldi
The Shooter (1997) as Jerry Krants
Interview with a Zombie (1997) as Zombie
Ground Zero (1997)
Doublecross on Costa’s Island (1997) as L. E.
Broken Vessels (1998) as Bo
Warriors of the Apocolypse (1998) as Moon
No Rest for the Wicked (1998) as Frank Love
Blood of His Own (1998)
Wasteland Justice (1999) as Moon
Vice (2000) as Spooky Harlow
Plastic Boy and the Jokers (2000) as Doctor Taylor
Never Look Back (2000)
The Elite (2001) as Colonel Shaw
Body Shop (2002) as Sheriff Taggart
God Has a Rap Sheet (2003) as Lucifer
Y.M.I. (2004) as Cal
Killer Story (2004) as Monty – ‘The Wrap’
Voices from the Graves (2006) as Lester Jiggs
Inner Rage (2006) as Sam
Rapturious (2007) as Sheriff
The Boneyard Collection (2008)
Tiger Cage (2012) as Katulic
Irresistible (2020)

William Smith in “Darker Than Amber”: Full Movie

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  1. I didn’t know that, thanks. William Smith was able to play a wide range of roles throughout his career and definitely made an impression in any movie he was in. RIP William Smith.

  2. Smith left the Air Force not because he got an acting job, but because he married a foreign national which disqualified him from having a Top Secret clearance

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