Are Hot Women in ads a Hate Crime?

Fat Shaming vs Fit Shaming
Fat Shaming vs Fit Shaming

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Since when is showing a fit woman in an ad hateful? Since when is free speech oppressive? Since when is vandalizing an ad with a fit woman called “amending” the ad? Since when are bomb threats a reaction to a fit woman in an ad? Who coined the term fat shaming?

It all started with this ad in 2015. According to Protein World’s head of global marketing, “We’ve actually had threats on our head office. Physical, violent threats, We had a bomb threat.”

UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ended up banning the ads from returning to the Underground(public rapid transit system). The ASA launched an investigation into whether they were socially responsible and eventually deciding they weren’t offensive.

Actually, Protein World could not have asked for more beneficial publicity. Their sales went up 300%.
In early 2016, Protein World released a new ad. Watch the TV commercial here.

Fat people were upset about Protein World’s advertisement because they claim it shames them, it made them feel guilty for who they felt they were. But was this like being upset about an ad for a university because it makes you feel unintelligent? For once, the victims of political correctness turned the tables and coined the term “fit shaming” which is shaming people who are in good physical condition. Now, everyone gets to play the victim.

Where do you stand? Do you agree with the video above or the video below?

Protein World Ad
Protein World  2015 Ad

Protein World 2016 ad
Protein World 2016 ad

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