Terminator Gallery

May 15, 2016 0

Arnold Schwarzenegger … Terminator Michael Biehn … Kyle Reese Linda Hamilton … Sarah Connor Paul Winfield … Lieutenant Ed Traxler Lance Henriksen … Detective Hal Vukovich Rick Rossovich … Matt Buchanan Bess Motta … Ginger […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hummer Commercial

May 11, 2016 0

Arnold Schwarzenegger playfully abuses Motor Trend editors as part of 2003’s Hummer H2 Extreme Adventure. We went to the MT video archives for this clip now that Hummer is being phased out as a brand […]

Arnold Bodybuilding Magazine Cover #845,309,467,659,616

April 28, 2016 0

You would think that 36 years after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s retirement there would be non-Schwarzenegger bodybuilding personalities that stood out. People seem to be more interested in Youtubers like Rich Piana, Jason Blaha, and Vegan Gains […]

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