Wesley Vissers: 22 Years Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Double From Netherlands

Wesley Vissers
Wesley Vissers

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wesley vissers

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Wesley Vissers


Wesley Vissers
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 21 (06-05-1993)
Length: 6″3′ (190 cm)
Weight: 216 lbs(98 kg) on stage
234 lbs(106 kg) off-season


I stepped into the bodybuilding lifestyle when I was 14 years of age. The decision was made because I wanted to be bigger and stronger, mainly because my dad had been going to the gym for a long time. He is the one who taught me the right way to perform exercises and what I’d need to eat in order to grow.

Not long after I first stepped into the gym, I began seeing remarkable progress, which only stagnated when I was about 17. Then came the time to improve my eating habits. Slowly but surely I adapted myself to eat more healthy and more food in general.

Combining this with training consistently, using simple but effective methods like time over tension, progressive overload and a mind-muscle connection, I was able to overcome any plateau or goal that was in my way. Off course this doesn’t come without experience. It took me quite a while to really grasp what it takes to keep improving, but ultimately it all came down to keeping it simple, intense and consistent. After 7 years of training, I’m still making progress, all due to keeping it simple and being consistent.

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