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Rachel McLish

In her 1984 work “Flex Appeal,” Rachel McLish fervently opposed the use of growth-promoting agents by female bodybuilders. She adamantly argued that these substances, due to their masculinizing and dangerous characteristics, should have no place in the realm of female athletics.
Her commitment to women’s bodybuilding runs deep, as she astutely suggested that women who tamper with their body’s hormonal balance through such supplementation face existential questions about their identity as women.

McLish passionately asserted that the intrusion of performance-enhancing substances threatened the essence of the sport she holds dear, urging all stakeholders to establish clear boundaries. She emphasized that gear use is the paramount issue demanding immediate intervention, lest it spiral out of control as it had in men’s competition.

Roughly forty years later, it is highly unlikely that many would contend that the utilization of chemical compounds by female bodybuilders has been anything BUT a matter that spiraled out of control.

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