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Latest Arnold Schwarzenegger Cover
Latest Arnold Schwarzenegger Cover

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You’d imagine that after 36 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s retirement, the world of professional bodybuilding would have witnessed the emergence of new, non-Schwarzenegger figures who captivated the public’s attention. But alas, the reality is quite different. In the age of the internet, it seems that people are far more intrigued by the likes of YouTubers such as Rich Piana, Jason Blaha, and Vegan Gains than by the professional bodybuilders who have been diligently sculpting their physiques.

At the time this was originally penned, it was almost comical how modern bodybuilding magazines would proudly feature 40-year-old photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger on their covers as frequently as they showcased the reigning bodybuilding champions. In fact, one could almost be forgiven for thinking that the current bodybuilder gracing the covers was merely there for a cosmetic touch, as if they were trying to create the illusion of staying in step with the times. But the truth was undeniable: those retro covers and Arnold’s iconic image continued to outsell their modern counterparts by a landslide.

In this curious state of affairs, Arnold’s timeless appeal was so potent that even after decades, he remained the undisputed king of bodybuilding, consistently overshadowing the contemporary titans of the sport. It’s as though the public’s fascination with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legacy was a relentless force, unwilling to be dethroned by anyone else.

So, while the world awaited the rise of a new bodybuilding sensation to capture the hearts and minds of the masses, it was Arnold who continued to flex his muscular influence, reminding us all that he was and forever will be the one and only bodybuilding legend that refuses to fade into the annals of history.

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2016 Arnold Schwarzenegger Muscle and Fitness Cover
2016 Arnold Schwarzenegger Muscle and Fitness Cover

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