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Arnold Hummer Commercial
Arnold Hummer Commercial

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Role in Bringing the Hummer to the Civilian Market


The civilian Hummer, known as the Hummer H1, H2, and H3, has been an iconic presence on the road for decades. This article explores the fascinating backstory of how Arnold Schwarzenegger played a pivotal role in making civilian Hummers available to the public. His influence, combined with AM General’s ambition, resulted in the creation of these unique and rugged vehicles.

The Birth of the Civilian Hummer:

AM General, the company behind the military Humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle), had long considered making a civilian version of their rugged military vehicle. As early as the late 1980s, they began planning a civilian model that would retain the Humvee’s robust structure while incorporating passenger car enhancements.

Civilian Hummers boasted several car-like features, including automotive gloss paint, air conditioning, enhanced sound insulation, upgraded upholstery, stereo systems, wood trim, and convenience packages. These features transformed the utilitarian military vehicle into a more comfortable and appealing option for civilian use.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Influence:

The journey of the civilian Hummer began, in part, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of actor and former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. While filming the movie “Kindergarten Cop” in Oregon, Schwarzenegger encountered an Army convoy of Humvees. Struck by the vehicle’s capabilities and rugged charm, he was determined to make a civilian version available on the market.

Schwarzenegger’s Campaign:

Impressed by the Humvee’s potential as a civilian vehicle, Arnold Schwarzenegger embarked on a campaign to persuade AM General to produce a civilian model. His passion for the project was evident in his lobbying and advocacy, where he consistently promoted the idea of a civilian Hummer.

The Arrival of the Hummer:

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s relentless efforts paid off in 1992 when AM General introduced the civilian Hummer. The first two Hummer H1s ever sold were purchased by Schwarzenegger himself. His dedication to the project and unwavering belief in the vehicle’s appeal played a crucial role in bringing the Hummer to the civilian market.


The civilian Hummer, with its distinctive blend of ruggedness and passenger car amenities, has enjoyed enduring popularity among car enthusiasts. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s determination and advocacy for a civilian Hummer were instrumental in its creation, and his purchase of the first two civilian Hummers symbolizes his deep connection to these unique vehicles. The Hummer’s journey from military use to civilian roads is a testament to the enduring legacy of Schwarzenegger’s vision and the innovative spirit of AM General.

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