Ralf Moeller Stars in BMW Commercial

After dismissing almost every pre-video Youtube commercial the millisecond Youtube allows skippability, circumstances permitted one undesired corporate shilling to proceed undismissed. It played in the background and it wasn’t until the sound of Schwarzenegger’s barking did I realize he was even in the commercial.

The BMW ad features a retired Palm Springs bound Zeus, played by Schwarzenegger, whose only utility seems to be recharging fellow retirees appliances via computer-generated plasma effects emanating from his digits.

Salma Hayek costars as Zeus’ sister-wife Hera, along with a cameo by Ralf Moeller as Poseidon, not to mention one of Schwarzenegger’s mini-horse buddies as Pegasus, who gets more screen time than Arnold’s non-equine cohort Moeller.

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Commentary on Built Report’s Arnold BMW Commercial Report

The experience of encountering an unexpected YouTube commercial and allowing it to play without dismissal is something many of us can relate to. In this particular instance, A Built Report reporter described a scenario where their typical behavior of swiftly skipping commercials changed, and they found themselves watching an entire advertisement that featured none other than the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The advertisement in question was a BMW commercial, and it showcased a rather unusual and whimsical storyline. Schwarzenegger played the role of a retired Zeus, who was depicted as living a laid-back life in Palm Springs. In this fictitious narrative, Zeus had seemingly lost his divine powers and responsibilities, with his sole remaining utility being the ability to recharge the appliances of fellow retirees. This was portrayed through computer-generated plasma effects emanating from his fingertips, adding a touch of fantastical elements to the otherwise ordinary setting of Palm Springs.

The commercial also introduced Salma Hayek as Zeus’ sister-wife Hera, creating a humorous twist on Greek mythology. The cameo appearance of Ralf Moeller as Poseidon further enriched the storyline by bringing in another mythological character, and even one of Schwarzenegger’s mini-horse buddies made an appearance as Pegasus, a mythical winged horse.

What stands out in this advertisement is the playful and imaginative blending of Greek mythology with contemporary and everyday elements. The unexpectedness of the commercial and the star-studded cast, with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role, must have been quite a surprise for the viewer. It highlights the creative ways in which advertisers use familiar and beloved figures like Schwarzenegger to capture the attention and curiosity of their audience, even if it means momentarily deviating from the habit of skipping commercials at the first opportunity.

In this story, the viewer’s initial lack of awareness about Schwarzenegger’s involvement in the commercial and the quirky, surreal storyline involving Greek gods in a retirement community make for an entertaining and memorable advertising experience.

Zeus would be more useful recharging cartilage:

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