Ralf Moeller Stars in BMW Commercial

After dismissing almost every pre-video Youtube commercial the millisecond Youtube allows skippability, circumstances permitted one undesired corporate shilling to proceed undismissed. It played in the background and it wasn’t until the sound of Schwarzenegger’s barking did I realize he was even in the commercial.

The BMW ad features a retired Palm Springs bound Zeus, played by Schwarzenegger, whose only utility seems to be recharging fellow retirees appliances via computer-generated plasma effects emanating from his digits.

Salma Hayek costars as Zeus’ sister-wife Hera, along with a cameo by Ralf Moeller as Poseidon, not to mention one of Schwarzenegger’s mini-horse buddies as Pegasus, who gets more screen time than Arnold’s non-equine cohort Moeller.

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Zeus would be more useful recharging cartilage:

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