Ken Waller is Wolfe!


Watch Ken Waller as Wolfe in 1979’s Kill the Golden Goose. In less than two minutes, Waller goes from pumping Iron on a balcony to death by fork. If that scene isn’t enough, scroll down for the full movie!

“Goose” star Ed Parker has been described as having “zero onscreen charisma” and the movie overall has been lauded as “the worst martial arts movie of all time”. However, Ken Waller’s dramatics raised the bar on fork scene performances. Waller is superlative and quite the devilish adversary for Ed Parker’s Mauna Loa. Looking imposing while acting unnervingly casual, Ken becomes Wolfe as the line between Wolfe and Waller blur throughout Wolfe’s character arc. Ken Waller may have (ostensibly)stolen Mike Katz’s T-Shirt in Pumping Iron but, instead of T-Shirts, Waller steals scenes in Kill the Golden Goose, a bonafide scene stealer, such is Ken.

Mauna Loa (Ed Parker) is a hired, usually deadly assassin. His assignment: kill all the witnesses scheduled to testify before a U.S. Senate Subcommittee. Trying to stop him is Bong Soo Han, portraying LAPD Police Captain Han. The conflict becomes personal as well as professional… the policeman is married to the killer’s ex-girlfriend. What unfolds is a death match to the brutal end!

Martial arts enthusiasts will see the fluid resistance and bone-crushing offenses of Ed Parker’s innovative Kenpo pitted against Master Bon Soo Han’s world-famous Korean traditional Hapkido. See long-range fighting! Linear plans of attack! Flamboyant head-high and circular spinning kicks!

The Waller-Centric movie poster
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